Gastronomy Director Elias Explains Role of Nostalgia Amid Gas Stove Controversy on NPR

Metropolitan College Associate Professor and Director of Gastronomy Megan Elias isn’t one to shy away from a hot-button issue. And with debates about the merits, drawbacks, and potential regulation of gas and electric induction stoves ongoing nationally, the food studies scholar and cultural historian was invited to make a radio appearance on NPR The Colin McEnroe Show to lend her perspective into why where we cook matters so much to us.

Gastronomy Podcast Opens New Ears to Food Studies

On the podcast Food &, students, faculty, and alumni of the Gastronomy & Food Studies Programs at BU’s Metropolitan College come together to tell stories that illustrate the depth and breadth of food studies, as well as the numerous possibilities the academic field affords. MLA in Gastronomy students Kenrick Mercado and Elizabeth Weiler, who are […]