How Noodles, Pomegranates Feed Culinary New Year Traditions

A recent USA Today story investigating foods traditionally eaten to celebrate the New Year sought the expertise of MET Director of Gastronomy Megan Elias. As Elias explained, in Japanese and Chinese cultures, noodles, given their length, can symbolize long life and good luck. Because of this, noodles are often enjoyed as the calendar turns to […]

Gastronomy Director Megan Elias Dishes on the Evolution of the Business Lunch

Dr. Megan Elias, associate professor of the practice and director of MET’s Gastronomy program, was quoted in an article appearing on NPR’s The Salt and Wisconsin Public Radio. Entitled “Working In While Eating Out: The Evolution of Doing Business While Dining,” the article examines how eating and working are entwined in our culture—and have been […]