At BU, we don’t leave curiosity and enthusiasm behind at the classroom door. We carry them all over campus.

And when you live in a large residence hall–among so many peers with diverse geographic backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, and majors–you’ll soon realize that just as much learning takes place in the hallways and lounges as in the seminars and lecture halls.

With so many floor mates, you’ll never run out of company. Discover new clubs together, check out the legendary Paradise Rock Club, explore the Esplanade along the Charles River.¬†You might even swing by for a chat with a faculty-in-residence. Who knows? Their words of wisdom may help you build a relationship with your professors or teaching assistants.

The possibilities are endless and your next opportunity is always right around the corner.

Each of our 10 large traditional-style residences is a unique community, with its own charm and character. The only thing missing is you.