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The Boston University School of Hospitality Administration’s Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) degree is an accelerated graduate-level program that prepares students for hospitality industry success anywhere in the world—and it can be completed in just one three-semester year. Ideal for working adults interested in switching careers, hospitality professionals hoping to gain a competitive edge, or recent college graduates seeking to expand their credentials, the MMH degree serves as a starting point to a rewarding career in the global hospitality industry.

98% of MMH alums were employed in the hospitality industry within three months of graduation. View profiles of our MMH alums to see where they are working.

Building Skills for Success: The Foundation of the MMH Degree

For students with a strong business or liberal arts background, the MMH degree enhances and builds upon their existing management skills and prepares them to begin a career in hospitality leadership here in the United States or across the globe. Professionals currently working in the hospitality industry gain the necessary knowledge and skills to advance their careers and become a top competitor in the evolving industry.

The School of Hospitality (SHA) anchors the MMH degree in the industry’s building blocks, before students select a specialized concentration geared toward an advanced, highly focused role. Ensuring students know the industry’s ins and outs, the MMH degree examines upper-level operations and management principles for hotels and restaurants through a holistic yet heavily analytical lens.

During the program, students acquire the skills to improve a hospitality establishment’s day-to-day and big-picture operations. From a financial angle, students learn business-relative accounting concepts, including how these functions make up common financial reports and affect planning and decision-making. The program additionally introduces traditional and digital marketing techniques to aid students in improving revenue, profits, and customer loyalty and adjusting to modern trip-planning and booking strategies.

Earn Your Master’s Degree to Shape the World of Hospitality

Boston is a unique location where hospitality intersects with medicine, education, technology, tourism, and sports. The city’s hundreds of restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, and other hospitality businesses—combined with international connections—create training and career opportunities students cannot find elsewhere.

SHA realizes the wealth of opportunities right on our doorstep, and we craft both our hospitality degree programs and student services around the city’s resources:

  • All graduate students complete a 300-hour work requirement for hands-on experience in the field.
  • As one of the country’s leading hospitality degree programs, we leverage our relationships with prominent hospitality companies and industry professionals to directly connect students with these opportunities—for their work requirement, internships, and eventually full-time employment.
  • Our dedicated Marriott Career Center offers hospitality-specific resources for helping our students achieve their career goals, including skills workshops, corporate recruitment periods, mentorship opportunities, and connections to the SHA alumni network.

Time Length of the MMH Program

  • One Year,  Full-Time in Person
  • Two Year including International Classes and Internship
  • Part-Time Flexibility
  • Weekends – For senior living concentration students only

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If you thrive on human interaction and want to experience both the world of business and the world-at-large simultaneously, we invite you to learn more about the MMH program and application process.

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