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Boston University’s Master of Management in Hospitality program provides students with the unique international experience opportunity to study abroad in France while they are working towards their master’s degree. Whether you are a domestic or an international student, you can apply to this study abroad program to experience the world and develop a stronger global hospitality mindset.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement between two revered universities—Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) and the ESSEC Business School in Paris, France—SHA graduate students can obtain a world-class hospitality management education and valuable international work experience in the United States and Europe. 

Why Pursue the MMH International Study Abroad Opportunity?

This program offers BU MMH students an affordable way to earn a master’s degree in two years with international experience. Through this unique study abroad program, you can explore different cultures and increase global awareness. You are able to deepen your knowledge and boost your innovative thinking for the hospitality industry while traveling to study and work abroad in France.

In addition, the study abroad program increases your employability domestically and internationally with two hands-on internships. Not only can you graduate with a Master of Management in Hospitality degree from Boston University, but also a valuable Graduate Certificate from ESSEC Business School. It’s a real resume builder and a forever memorable personal and professional experience.

MMH International Program Structure

BU Students who are in the international study abroad program typically spend two semesters in Boston and three semesters in Europe to attain their MMH degree. By completing the study abroad program, students also earn a Graduate Certificate from ESSEC. 

The students from Boston University start their Master of Management in Hospitality coursework in the fall in Boston with the classes required to achieve the MMH degree. In the spring semester, students then continue their master’s coursework in France. A personally tailored set of courses at the Paris campus of ESSEC is offered to our SHA graduate students. Along with the graduate students in the MS in Hospitality Management (IMHI) program at ESSEC, you can expand your horizons and continue to learn from the renowned faculty and leaders of lodging, restaurants, and tourism in Europe.

 timeline of the BU MMH and ESSEC, Paris study abroad program

At ESSEC, BU students can take a series of relevant elective courses in the 10 weeks between January and June (spring semester), with the opportunity for an internship in France for the following summer and into the following fall. After the study abroad program, students return to Boston and continue to complete their Master of Management degree in Hospitality in the spring. 

The courses at ESSEC are taught in English but a working knowledge of French is necessary for most internships in France. English language internships may be available in other countries throughout the European Union. You may also seek help from the administrators at ESSEC to identify appropriate courses and internships.

Learn More about the MMH International Study Abroad Program

If you want to enrich your education and obtain an international hospitality experience through the study abroad program, apply to the Master of Management in Hospitality (MMH) program and reference the ESSEC partner program in your personal statement. Need more information about the MMH program and the international experience opportunity? Submit a request information form to learn more.