Lucy Hutyra

Professor, Earth & Environment (CAS)

Ph.D., Harvard University
A.M., Harvard University
B.S., University of Washington
CAS 439C, 685-725 Commonwealth Ave

Lucy Hutyra, PhD, is a Professor of Earth & Environment at the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. She is the Director of the BU Biogeosciences Program and serves as the Associate Director for the BU URBAN interdisciplinary doctoral program. She is also a Hariri Faculty Affiliate and co-leader of the 2024 Focused Research Program “Health Equity in the Wake of Continued Climate Change.”

Hutyra research uses principles from a number of different scientific fields to understand the terrestrial carbon cycle and the impact of humans on carbon pools and fluxes. Through integration of atmospheric, biometric, and climatological information, Hutyra focuses on understanding the characteristics and drivers of atmosphere-biosphere exchange of carbon.

Professor Hutyra is a leading figure in measuring and modeling climate action and greenhouse gas fluxes in urban areas, with over 100 peer-reviewed articles to her name. She has also received recognition from prestigious organizations such as the National Sciences Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences. In addition, she serves as a formal advisor to the NASA Earth Science program. Apart from her academic achievements, Professor Hutyra is also committed to graduate education. She trains her students to apply basic research principles to improve the quality of life in our communities. 

Specialties: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Urban Ecology, Climate Science

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