Multidisciplinary Solutions

Boston University Biogeoscience Program

We are a community of students, postdocs, and faculty whose research interests converge at the boundaries of traditional natural science disciplines. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary research and coursework, focusing on the biogeochemistry and biogeophysics of natural and managed ecosystems, with faculty and students drawn from the Departments of Biology and Earth & Environment.

Research and curricular themes include the role of energy, mass and nutrient cycles in biosphere-atmosphere interactions, coastal processes, ecohydrology, climate change, regional-to-global environmental change, coupled human-natural systems, and sustainability science. The program is centered on graduate student training and is specifically designed for students wishing to pursue interdisciplinary research in topics spanning more than one discipline.

The Department of Biology has faculty expertise in ecosystem science, terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemistry, microbial ecology, and plant biology. The Department of Earth & Environment has faculty expertise in biogeochemistry, hydrology, geomorphology, biogeophysics, and remote sensing. By integrating existing strengths in biogeochemistry with biogeophysics, global-scale modeling, and remote sensing, Boston University offers a PhD research and training program that is unique both nationally and internationally.

For more information about the program and guidance on how to apply, prospective students are encouraged to read about our Certificate Program and to contact Lucy Hutyra (, the Director of the Biogeoscience Program.