Emily Whiting

Computer Science, CAS

B.A.Sc. University of Toronto
M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
111 Cummington Mall, Room 295A

Associate Professor, Computer Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Emily Whiting is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Boston University. Her research investigates how advancements in rapid prototyping technology are closing the gap between what we can simulate with computers and what we can build. Although it is now possible to create shapes of astounding complexity due to innovations in hardware, costly bottlenecks still exist in the design phase. Today’s computational tools for design are largely unaware of the fundamental laws that govern how materials and structures behave in the real world. Her work is developing an interdisciplinary field of mechanics-based geometry processing: a cross-pollination of digital geometry processing, engineering mechanics, and rapid prototyping. The aim is to infuse principles of mechanics into all stages of manufacturing, from interactive design to feasibility optimization and novel fabrication processes

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