Hariri’s Research Project Received AI servers from IBM

Earlier this Summer, IBM donated new enterprise AI servers to the Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC), a sponsored research project at the Hariri Institute for Computing at Boston University. The servers were installed at the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center (MGHPCC).

Michael Daitzman, Director for the Red Hat Collaboratory at the Hariri Institute said, “The IBM PowerAI software, combined with the unprecedented performance of IBM Power9 hardware, makes deep learning easier and faster by bringing together some of the most popular open-source frameworks for deep learning, with development and management tools. Designed to simplify end-to-end deep learning, PowerAI on the Mass Open Cloud allows researchers to spend less time on data preparation, implementation and integration, and more time training neural networks for results.”

Artificial Intelligence applications parse huge amounts of data, demanding powerful processing capabilities outside the reach of standard CPUs. This increased capacity enables accurate model results, productivity across all of your resources, high data throughput and the security of open-source frameworks. 

The MOC aims to create an improved computing resource for cloud and big data users in the Commonwealth. It also looks to create a new model of cloud computing that enables research and technology companies to innovate and profit in the cloud and big data sectors.

To learn more about the IBM AI servers, please click.