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The Master of Science program in Systems Engineering (SE) is designed for students who want to engage in graduate studies in systems engineering.

Degree Type

  • Masters


  • On-Campus
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Non-Thesis Program Option

All SE MS students enter as non-thesis students. MS non-thesis students must satisfy a practicum requirement by completing an approved course that meets the practicum requirement, or an approved project. The non-thesis MS program can be completed in two semesters, although most students take longer. Part-time enrollment in the program is also permitted.

Thesis Program Option

Students wishing to pursue the thesis option must submit a thesis proposal by their second semester. MS with thesis students satisfy the practicum requirement by developing a research focus and carrying out original research that culminates in a written MS thesis. Students choosing to complete a thesis should expect to complete the program in two years. Students who excel in the SE MS program may apply for the SE post-MS PhD program.

Master’s Handbook

The SE MS Program Planning Sheets for the non-thesis and thesis tracks are found in the Master’s Handbook, under the Forms tab. The planning sheet provides a “snapshot” view of the curriculum and the Handbook includes policies, program requirements, logistics and contacts.

Admission Requirements


  • Fall: January 15 and March 15
  • Spring: October 1

Internship Program Option: Engineering with Practice

Master’s students may add the optional “with Engineering Practice” designation to their degree by completing an approved internship in their field of study. The program option recognizes the power of combining rigorous academic coursework with supervised real-world research or industrial applications. Participating students add value to their academic experience with a related internship that enables them to both develop and apply their technical, project management, and leadership skills. Learn more.

“My internship allowed me to apply everything I learned in the classroom to the work environment. It added value to my resume/CV, and served as a platform to launch my career.”

Master of Science Alum Anish Shah

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