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The College of Engineering offers a unique way for you to advance in rapidly growing economic sectors that have a critical need for trained engineers. Solve pressing societal challenges with an interdisciplinary Specialization in Robotics, Data Analytics, or Cybersecurity.

Specialization Coordinators:

Robotics: Prof. Baillieul
Data Analytics: Prof. Olshevsky
Cybersecurity: Prof. Stringhini


The need for robotics expertise is rapidly expanding, creating opportunities as diverse as prosthetics and telemedicine, self-driving vehicles, feedback control systems, brain-machine interfaces, and the Internet of Things. Robotics is inherently interdisciplinary, combining elements of electrical, computer, biomedical, systems, and mechanical engineering. The Robotics specialization will prepare master’s degree students for careers in research and development, deployment, and operation of individual or multi-coordinated robotic systems.

Data Analytics

Improving how society functions will involve analyzing large quantities of data and developing algorithms and machine learning capabilities grounded in engineering application areas. This specialization will produce graduates ready for innovative opportunities in applications spanning finance, health care, urban systems, commerce, pharmaceuticals and other engineering fields.


The cybersecurity field is expanding exponentially, with career paths growing twice as quickly as other information technology jobs. The Cybersecurity Specialization provides in-depth theory and practical cybersecurity skills to prepare students for careers in software engineering, embedded systems, and networking. It will also provide a context for cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies for devices and accessories built by tomorrow’s engineers, ranging from protecting corporate and government systems to home and building automation and medical devices.

Declaring a Specialization

After matriculating into an existing degree program, all Master’s degree students are eligible to pursue an appropriate Specialization, which will be added to their degree title on their transcript. Students interested in declaring a Specialization should complete and submit the following form to

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Specialization Practicum Approval Form
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