Degree Option—With Engineering Practice

The College of Engineering offers an engineering practice degree option to students in all of its master’s programs. Engineering practice is a valuable opportunity for a student at the master’s level to complete an approved internship integral to their program of study, thereby allowing them to develop additional technical and professional skills. Students interested in the engineering practice degree option must apply and meet the requirements outlined below. Students successfully completing the engineering practice degree option of their program will earn the accompanying degree designation (e.g., Master of Science in electrical engineering with engineering practice).

Internships used to complete the degree requirements must be relevant to the student’s program of study and must go through a program-level approval process. One full-time paid internship (minimum 30–40 hours/week for at least 12 weeks) or two part-time paid internships (each 15–20 hours/week for at least 12 weeks).

Satisfactory completion of the requirement is determined by the program and then formally recorded by the Graduate Programs office.

Requirements and Grading

  • A paid internship site and project must be approved by the student’s faculty advisor.
  • Students must register for ENG EK 697 (part time) or ENG EK 698 (full time), both zero credits.
  • A mid-point review between the student and the internship supervisor must be conducted and submitted.
  • Before the end of the semester in which the internship takes place, a final report must be submitted and reviewed by the academic advisor.
  • Students receive a grade of Pass or Fail. The final grade is based on satisfactory completion of all requirements and is determined by the academic advisor in consultation with the internship supervisor.

For International Students

  • International students must have completed two semesters in full-time status to be eligible to begin an internship in the United States, and they must complete additional paperwork with the BU International Students & Scholars office (ISSO) after registration.
  • International students with an off-campus internship must complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form and email the approved Engineering Practice Approval form and the CPT form to the Graduate Programs office for review before submitting to the ISSO.