Systems Engineering

Complexity Rules

If modeling, analysis, simulation, control, and optimization are in your field of interests, wait until you see the challenges in store for you with our systems engineering graduate programs. At systems engineering, collaboration is key. We pride ourselves on being a true model of interdisciplinary thinking, guided by faculty from different backgrounds in engineering, arts and sciences, medicine, and business. So whether you are creating a sophisticated sensor network or understanding the metabolic pathways in an organism, this fusion of insight will fully prepare you to take on any kind of intellectual journey.

Systems Engineering Research

Research utilizing information and systems engineering methodologies has flourished, focusing on a wide range of application domains encompassing the analysis, design and management of complex systems. We bring together faculty from across the University to pursue interdisciplinary, collaborative research in Systems Engineering through the affiliated Center for Information and Systems Engineering.

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Professor Michael Caramanis

$3 Million for Transformational Energy Technology

Prof. Caramanis will lead an interdisciplinary group of researchers in creating a tool that measures the risk associated with energy markets.

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Systems Engineering News


SE PhD Dissertation Defense: Kasra Ghasemi

Day: Wednesday Dec 14th Time: 1:00pm 15 St. Mary’s Street, EMB 105

CGSW 9.0

Day: Friday Jan 27th Time: 9:00am - 8:00pm PHO 906 & BU Castle
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