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Yiming Cao


Fields: Development Economics, Political Economy, Economic History
Job Market Paper: The Social Costs of Patronage Ties: Lessons from the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake
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References: Raymond Fisman, Dilip Mookherjee, Siddharth George, Samuel Bazzi, Nathan Nunn

Shuowen Chen

Chen ShuowenFields: Econometrics, Empirical Industrial Organization, Economics of Innovation
Job Market Paper: An Indirect Fixed Effects Estimator for Nonlinear Panel
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References: Ivan Fernandez-Val, Hiroaki Kaido, Jean-Jacques Forneron

Enrico De Magistris

De Magistris Enrico

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design
Job Market Paper: Choice of Outside Options in a Bargaining Model
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References: Bart Lipman, Juan Ortner, Chiara Margaria


Mengqi Deng

Deng MengqiFields: Applied Microeconomic Theory, Law and Economics, Political Economy
Job Market Paper: Biased Medias, a Bayesian Persuasion Analysis
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References: Juan Ortner, Andrew Newman, Alex White

Vittoria Dicandia

Dicandia Vittoria

Fields: Labor Economics, Public Economics
Job Market Paper: Technological Change and Racial Disparities
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References: Kevin Lang, Daniele Paserman, Joshua Goodman


Chen Gao

Gao Chen

Fields: Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Bargaining and Merger in Vertical Relationships: Empirics of Packaged Food with Limited Data
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References: Marc Rysman, Jihye Jeon,  Albert Ma, Jordi Jaumandreu(Teaching)

Pablo Guzman-Pinto

Fields: Labor Economics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: Unemployment Insurance with Individual Savings Accounts
CV| Website |
References: Johannes Schmieder, Kevin Lang, Daniele Paserman

Alex Hoagland

Fields: Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: An Ounce of Prevention or a Pound of Cure? The Value of Health Risk Information
CV | Website |
References: Randall Ellis (co-advisor), Tal Gross (co-advisor), Marc Rysman, Jihye Jeon

Md. Deen Islam

Fields: International Economics, Development Economics, Macroeconomics
Job Market Paper: The Geography of Automation
CV | Website |
References: Stefania Garetto, Pascual Restrepo, Yuhei Miyauchi

Miaoqing Jia

Fields: Health Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: The demand uncertainty of medicine consumption with policy implication
CV| Website |
References: Albert Ma, Randall Ellis, Marc Rysman

Sung-Yup Jung

Fields: Regional Economics, Urban Economics, Empirical Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Industrial Parks and Regional Development: Evidence from South Korean Industrial Park Policy
CV| Website |
References: Yuhei Miyauchi, Siddarth George, Robert G King

Enjar Lkhagvajav

Fields: Macroeconomics, Economic Growth, Economics of Innovation
Job Market Paper: Exploitative Innovation and Growth
CV | Website |
References: Stephen Terry, Pascual Restrepo, Adam Guren, Michael Meurer

Max McDevitt

Fields: Economic, History Political Economy, Applied Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Between the Board Room and Parliament: Special Legislation, Capital Investment, and Railway Directors in Parliament, 1854-1901
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                        References: Robert Margo, Martin Fiszbein, James Feigenbaum

Ian Meeker

Fields: Industrial Organization, Quantitative marketing
Job Market Paper: Does Peter Piper Pick a Package of Pepper Inattentively? The Consumer Response to Product Size Changes
CV| Website |
References: Marc Rysman, Andrey Fradkin, Jihye Jeon

Thomas Pearson

Fields: Labor Economics, Development Economics
Job Market Paper: U.S. Immigration Enforcement and Mexican Labor Markets
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References: Samuel Bazzi, Daniele Paserman, David Lagakos

Stefano Pica

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Household Finance
Job Market Paper: Housing Markets and the Heterogeneous Effects of Monetary Policy Across the Euro Area
CV | Website |
References: Adam Guren, Stephen Terry, Robert G King

Alden Porter

Fields: Labor Economics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics
Job Market Paper: On the Incomplete Ordering of Skills: A Study of Occupational Mobility and the Careers of Young Men
CV | Website |
References: Pascual Restrepo, Johannes Schmieder, Kevin Lang

Anlong Qin

Fields: Econometrics, Time Series Econometrics, Financial Econometrics
Job Market Paper: Modeling Regime Switching in High Dimensional Data with Applications to U.S. Business Cycles
CV| Website |
References: Zhongjun Qu Pierre Perron, Hiroaki Kaido

Hanna Schwank

Fields: Economic History, Labor Economics, Gender Economics
Job Market Paper: Disruptive Effects of Natural Disasters: The 1906 San Francisco Fire
CV | Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, James Feigenbaum, Johannes Schmieder, Robert Margo

Martin Shu

Fields: Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Labor Economics
Job Market Paper: Selection, Structural Transformation, and the Cost Disease of Services
CV| Website |
References: David Lagakos (co-advisor), Pascual Restrepo (co-advisor), Kevin Lang

Joseph Simmons

Fields: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, Industrial Organization
Job Market Paper: Real Rigidities Strike Back: Retailers, Sticky Basket Prices, and Monetary Non-Neutrality
CV | Website |
References: Adam Guren (co-advisor), Stephen Terry (co-advisor), Pascual Restrepo

Dongling Su

Fields: Macroeconomics, Finance
Job Market Paper: Fiscal and Monetary Policy Interactions in a Model with Low-Interest Rates
CV | Website |
References: Jianjun Miao, Adam Guren, Stephen Terry

Jingye Wang

Fields: International Finance, International Macroeconomics, Asset Pricing
Job Market Paper: Currency Risk and Capital Accumulation
CV| Website |
References: Tarek Hassan, Stephen Terry, Andrea VedolinThomas Mertens

Meng Wu

Fields: Political Economy, Development Economics and Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: Ownership, Partisanship, and Media Slant: Evidence from the U.S. Media during the Sino-U.S. Trade Conflict
CV| Website |
References: Raymond Fisman, Martin Fiszbein, Dilip Mookherjee

Fangning Yan

Fields: Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, Economics of Digitization 
Job Market Paper: Freewheeling: A Spatial Structural Analysis of the Bike-Sharing Industry
CV| Website |
References: Marc Rysman, Jihye Jeon, Randall EllisAndrey Fradkin

Guangzhi Ye

Fields: Macroeconomics, Corporate Finance
Job Market Paper: The Macro Impact of the Recovery Rate
CV| Website |
References: Stephen Terry, Adam Guren, Robert G King


Victor Yifan Ye

Fields: Computational Economics, Public Finance, Urban Economics
Job Market Paper: Simulating Endogenous Global Automation
CV| Website |
References: Laurence Kotlikoff, Seth Benzell, David Altig, Charles Becker

Yoshifumi Yokota

Fields: Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics, Behavioral Economics
Job Market Paper: The Limits of Robust Information Design
CV| Website |
References: Bart Lipman, Larry Epstein, Juan Ortner

Kewei Zhang

Fields: Development Economics, Public Economics, Political Economy
Job Market Paper: Finding Credit at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Chinese State Lending and Corporate Investment in Impoverished Areas
CV| Website |
References: Raymond Fisman, Dilip Mookherjee, Siddharth George, Martin Fiszbein

Kexin Zhang

Fields: Development Economics, Applied Microeconomics
Job Market Paper: The Long-run Impact of Higher Education: Evidence from the Gaokao (NCEE) Reinstatement in China
CV| Website |
References: Samuel Bazzi, Daniele Paserman, Dilip Mookherjee, Mahesh Karra

Luke Zinnen

Fields: Macroeconomics, Banking, Financial Engineering
Job Market Paper: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Nomura? Remedies for Fraud with Market-Level Consequences
CV| Website | lzinnen@bu.eduw
References: Robert G King, Pascual Restrepo, Christophe Chamley