Undergraduate Economics Association (UEA)

The UEA assists students interested in economics by providing opportunities and peer resources. Members do not need to be Economics majors or minors. Contact UEA at uea@bu.edu.

BU Undergraduate Women in Economics (UWE)

The UWE aims to provide social and professional opportunities for minority genders in economics and to offer guidance on career and academic opportunities, facilitate discussions on gender and minority empowerment, and promote an inclusive environment. Sign up for their newsletter here. Or, contact UWE at uwe@bu.edu and follow them on instagram at @bu_uwe to stay connected.

Graduate Economics Association (GEA)

The GEA assists students in the Economics graduate program and provides peer resources on a variety of topics. The GEA can be contacted at mailgea@bu.edu

BU Women and Nonbinary People in Economics

WEorg is a graduate student-led organization dedicated to the advancement of women in all stages of research in economics. Contact WEorg at weorg@bu.edu.