Prof. Marc Rysman has given a seminar about why and how to use the cluster every few years. Here are the slides, with some minor updates:

Prof. Schmieder’s Slides on Research Computing
High Performance Computing for BU Economists (Previous version of slides)

Important: The slides describe how to obtain access to the cluster. The current faculty liaison to Research Computing Services (RCS) is Stephen Terry (

Sample code

Code is also provided for the dynamic investment problem described in the slides. Code is provided to solve this problem in Matlab and Gauss. Separate code is given with and without parallel processing. Note that this problem is so simple that using parallel processing actually slows the program down. The code is meant as an example.

Note that accepts files only with particular extensions, so the sample computer code has .txt extensions. You might want different extensions in practice. You need to remove the .txt from the batch file to use it.



Matlab has two ways of implementing parallel processing. Examples of both are provided. For this example, SPMD is a little more efficient.

You will also need these files to run in Matlab: getVnew profit

Also, the slides describe a batch file for running Matlab in batch code on the cluster. Here is an example:

Batch File (Drop the .txt extension to use this file.)

Thanks goes to Mingli Chen and Kadin Tseng, who were a lot of help with the Matlab files.

Mike Lipsitz prepared a file on submitting R files to the cluster:

Submitting R code to the Batch system on the SCC

Thanks Mike!