Tag: Relational Spirituality

Attachment to God, God Representations, and Mental Health

In Attachment to God as Mediator of the Relationship Between God Representations and Mental Health, a study published in the Journal of Spirituality and Mental Health, Esther Tung, MA, et al., examined how representations of God as either benevolent or authoritarian influenced the mental health of graduate students in helping professions, based on the attachment […]

SERT Groups

We believe that it is important to attend to multiple areas of our client’s lives, including their religious and spiritual beliefs if they believe that will be helpful for treatment. Spiritual, Existential, Religious, and Theological (SERT) Groups are one way that the Danielsen Institute works to help senior staff and therapists in training become more […]

India: Virtues and Relationships

In collaboration with Dr. Shanmukh Kamble at Karnatak University (Dharwad, India), we are investigating how character strengths and virtues (e.g., humility, forgiveness) and satisfaction in intimate relationships are interrelated. Research indicates these character strengths and virtues are important pieces to satisfying romantic relationships; however, research in this area remains relatively unexplored in non-Western samples such […]

Humility and Wellbeing

Findings from one of the studies of Humility in Religious Leaders will be published in the┬áJournal of Religion and Health. In this study of humility and well-being among established religious leaders (3 years or more; N=274) from the Abrahamic faiths. We found support for the Relational Spirituality Model with (a) differentiation of self and (b) […]