Clinic Services

The Clinic

The Danielsen Institute is a multidisciplinary mental health clinic. We have been serving the greater Boston community for over 60 years, and our clinic is licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and is affiliated with the Solihten Institute.

The Danielsen Institute values diversity amongst our clients and staff. We strive to promote multicultural sensitivity, humility, and competence in all our activities. We are pleased to have the opportunity to serve you.

Services include:

Clients of the Danielsen Institute may benefit from and be able to access more than one modality of care. We are committed to providing treatment that attends to the many dimensions of human experience (e.g. psychological, biological, social, and spiritual). We are particularly informed by depth psychology and are trained to address existential, spiritual, or religious issues if the client so desires. The Danielsen Institute is non-sectarian.