Clinical Training Programs


Training Programs in Psychotherapy

The Danielsen Institue offers the following training programs in psychotherapy:

  • Two year Advanced social work training for 2nd year social work students
  • Practicum training for Ph.D. students in counseling psychology and religion from Boston University
  • Doctoral internship training (APA-accredited) for doctoral-level students in psychology
  • Psychiatry residency electives in outpatient psychotherapy and psychopharmacology

The Danielsen Institute Clinic is not currently accepting applications for Postdoctoral Fellows in Psychology or any other training position besides those listed above.

Statement on non-discrimination and diversity

The Danielsen Institute Training program does not discriminate in selection, training, retention, or evaluation on the basis on any individual characteristics which are not relevant to professional training such as age, ethnicity, race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical affiliation, class, disability, nationality, citizenship, language, etc.  The Training program values diversity amongst staff, interns, and clients, and seek to promote a high level of multicultural competence in all training and service activities.