Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy services at the Danielsen Institute Clinic aim to help individuals who have a range of psychological concerns.  Many people benefit tremendously from individual psychotherapy. You may find our services helpful if you or someone you know is having problems with concerns such as:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • interpersonal relationships
  • work-related issues
  • a history of trauma or abuse
  • grief
  • religious, spiritual, or existential issues
  • other emotional, relational, or behavioral issues

What happens in therapy?

Individual psychotherapy begins with an intake evaluation of two to three sessions with one of our clinicians to determine the nature of the issues to be addressed and to generate some initial treatment recommendations. These evaluation sessions are an opportunity for both client and clinician to get a sense of what will be most helpful, and to craft a treatment plan based on the clients’ goals.

At the Danielsen Institute Clinic, we offer both short-term and long-term therapy, depending on the unique needs of each client. Our clinicians integrate psychodynamic, developmental, trauma-informed, systems, cognitive-behavioral, and mindfulness-based approaches into therapy.

How to schedule a therapy session?

To ensure that our services can be a good fit for you, we provide a free online consultation before the intake evaluation with our clinical director. Once you contact us, our administrative team will inform you about the intake procedures and answer any questions you may have. Then, you will be asked to provide brief information including your contact details and reason for seeking psychotherapy.

If you prefer private pay or if your insurance does not cover our services, Dr. Saliha Kozan, the Director of Clinical Services, will follow up with you to schedule your 30-minute Zoom consultation.

If you would like to use your health insurance, we will first ask you to provide your insurance information to verify your insurance benefits. Once we verify your insurance benefits, you will be able to proceed with scheduling the Zoom consultation with Dr. Kozan.

*  We currently have a waiting list for new psychotherapy clients. If you are interested in our individual psychotherapy services, call the Danielsen Institute at 617-353-3047 for an initial consultation.