Research Resources

Professional Research Organizations

These organizations are the major North American and international organizations that hold research conferences in psychology or mental well-being and religion/spirituality. There are other fine organizations that define their scope more narrowly, either by specific religion or spirituality or by nationality.

American Psychological Association, Division 36 (Psychology of Religion)

International Association for the Psychology of Religion

Society for the Scientific Study of Religion

Research Journals

As of July 2009, there are six primary English-language research journals devoted to the psychological and sociological study of religion. Many articles in English are also published in other journals devoted to specific psychological specialties, to related fields such as anthropology or cognitive science, or to specific religions or nationalities.

The International Journal for the Psychology of Religion

Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

Mental Health, Religion, and Culture

Psychology of Religion and Spirituality

Review of Religious Research

Other resources

An extensive collection of resources in the clinically oriented psychology of religion is Michael Nielsen’s web site. Although not exhaustive, it is a good place to start for those new to the field.

Additional information on the science & religion dialog is available through the Metanexus Institute.