Group Psychotherapy

Group Psychotherapy – Mixed Gender Interpersonal Process Psychotherapy Group

Date and Time: Mondays 5-6:15pm, meets via Zoom

This long-term mixed gender psychotherapy group at the Danielsen Institute Clinic welcomes individuals seeking to better understand themselves and others. The group provides a confidential space to focus on interpersonal interactions among group members so that they may deepen their self-awareness and understanding of how they relate to one another. Members have the opportunity try out new ways of being and gain feedback and support from others to grow relationally. Individuals may come into the group with diverse goals, such as:

  • Becoming more emotionally open and vulnerable
  • Noticing recurring patterns in their relationships that they’re curious about
  • Longing for deeper—and more authentic—connections
  • Addressing feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or insecurity
  • Increasing capacities for humor, playfulness, and spontaneity
  • Becoming more confident in navigating conflict and difference
  • Addressing tendencies toward people-pleasing or compulsive caretaking
  • Setting healthier relational boundaries and differentiating themselves from painful family dynamics
  • Sorting through a history of trauma that complicates how they approach relationships
  • Building more secure attachments with family, friends, and potential romantic partners

For more information about this group, contact Dr. Laura Captari, licensed psychologist, at or (617) 353-9708.