Group Psychotherapy

Current Group Offering:

Mixed Gender Interpersonal Process Psychotherapy Group

Date and Time: Mondays 5-6:15pm

Status: Currently closed to new members

This is a mixed gender psychotherapy group for individuals who are seeking to better understand themselves and others. The group will provide a supportive and confidential space to focus on interpersonal interactions among group members so that they may deepen their self-awareness and understanding of how they relate to one another. The goal is to help improve how members form and maintain fulfilling relationships in their personal lives.


Past Group Offerings:

Mindful Bodies

Skills-Based Therapy Group

Date and Time: TBD

Status: Not currently running

In this group, we will learn to use the body as a resource that can empower us to shift our frame of mind and enhance physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Body-based techniques such as breathing methods, gentle movements, light stretching, and body awareness exercises will aid us in cultivating greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and balance when we are “triggered” by stress, anxiety, upsetting events, or difficult relationships. We will practice how to positively affect our nervous system so that we feel less out of control and reactive, and more grounded and choiceful, in difficult moments. Members will be able to build skills, manage feelings, learn from their peers, and explore their own mind/body relationship. In the safety of this closed group, members will be able to share and reflect upon their experiences.

This group invites adults of all ages, genders, sexual orientations, religious affiliations, and professions. In particular we welcome people struggling with anxiety, stress, difficult emotions, or those seeking more awareness and comfort in their bodies.

Spirituality Group

Date and Time: TBD

Status: Not currently running

In this group we will provide a space for members to discuss and reflect on the role of spirituality in their lives in supportive dialogue. Our understanding of spirituality is what individuals hold as “sacred” or of “ultimate concern” in their lives. Such experiences may be rooted in a personal set of beliefs, a particular religious tradition or philosophy, feelings of connection, and/or ritual practices. We understand that spirituality is a journey and we welcome people who are at any stage of understanding their spiritual selves. Themes for exploration may include meaning, faith, suffering, love, forgiveness, spiritual disconnection, commitment, and identity.