Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy

Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy is a now available. The volume is co-edited by the Danielsen Institute’s Director of Research, Steven J. Sandage, and Brad D. Strawn of Fuller Seminary.

About the work:

Although once marginalized in the field of psychotherapy, spirituality and religion have now become established ethical considerations in clinical research and practice.

Drawing from diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds, this book offers clinical guidance for addressing a vast variety of traditions and complex diversity considerations in psychotherapy.

This text uses strategies and in-depth case descriptions to serve as a guide for therapists and clinical professionals to effectively integrate spirituality and religion into clinical practice.

Contributors include

  • Pratyusha Tummala-Narra
  • Kenneth I. Pargament
  • Pilar Jennings
  • Phillis Isabella Sheppard
  • Shamaila Khan
  • Brad D. Strawn
  • Karen E. Starr
  • Theresa Clement Tisdale
  • Ruben A. Hopwood
  • Sarah H. Moon
  • Steven J. Sandage
  • Katy Barrs & Carrie Doehring
  • Neil Altman

Spiritual Diversity in Psychotherapy is available for purchase through apa.org.