Clergy Wellness Assessment

The Danielsen Institute has a specialized team of clinicians who provide extensive psycho-spiritual assessments for clergy facing acute circumstances in their ministry, including burnout, boundary issues, interpersonal and organizational conflicts, and mental health crises. The Danielsen Institute assessment team works with the client and the referring body (when appropriate and authorized) through a series of interviews with the client, appropriate denominational leaders along with collateral contacts who know the client well, and through the administration of validated psychological measures. Assessments produce a comprehensive report and provide specific recommendations regarding the ongoing care and well-being of the referred client, as well as to the organization requesting the assessment.

Results and recommendations are shared with the client via a thorough feedback session, and our clinicians remain available for any needed follow-up consultation or discussion regarding the recommendations and the progress of their implementation. Fees for religious and clergy wellness assessments can be discussed by calling the Danielsen Institute at 617-353-3047.