Transfer Credits

It is generally expected that undergraduate students in the College of General Studies will complete their required courses at Boston University. Students will only receive Boston University credit if courses have been approved (see below). Students may not earn BU Hub units with external courses. Students are permitted to take a maximum of 2 courses. Grades earned outside of Boston University are not computed in the student’s Boston University grade point average, and course credit will only be given for approved external courses if the grade earned is “C” or higher. Pass/Fail and audited courses are not accepted. In the event that a three-credit course is approved, the student might require additional course work toward the BU degree due to a deficiency in credit hours. Information on CGS’s Transfer Credit Policy can be found in the BU Bulletin.

Transfer Credit Instructions for each CGS program of study can be found below.

Gap Semester Courses

During the Gap Semester, you may take external courses. It is critical that you discuss external course(s) selection with a CGS academic advisor first, before enrolling in a course. Students can only take classes part-time as a non-matriculated, non-degree student. Gap Semester courses cannot be used towards CGS Program Requirements.


Current Students

Students who are matriculated on campus as a current freshman or sophomore are permitted to take external courses during summer semesters towards either an elective(s), and/or to make up a CGS required course.  It is critical that you discuss external course selection with a CGS academic advisor first, before enrolling in a course.