The research agenda of the Center for Global Christianity is driven by the interests of the people who are part of its community. Reports about their ongoing work will be posted from time to time.

Michèle Sigg Receives Grant to Study the African Contribution to Global Anglicanism

Dr. Michèle Sigg, Executive Director of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography (DACB), has recently received a substantial Constable Grant from The Episcopal Church for a project entitled "The African Contribution to Global Anglicanism." The funding will support the project team in producing six educational videos on the history of the Christian church in Africa, focusing on key figures from both the ancient church and the post-Reformation period. By providing accessible videos on key aspects of African Christian history, the project team aims to enhance the global church's awareness and appreciation of the African church, given that today Africa is... More

China Historical Christian Database Receives Competitive NEH Grant

Drs. Daryl Ireland, Eugenio Menegon, and Alex Mayfield recently wrote a proposal to receive a Digital Humanities Advancement Grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities for continued development of the China Historical Christian Database. We are pleased to announce that their proposal was just accepted! The project was one of twenty projects chosen by the NEH to receive this generous funding. The project will further the digital mapping work of the Database, which charts Christian figures and institutions across China from 1550-1950, revealing the interconnection between missions, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, and illuminating the exchange of ideas and... More

Recorded Lecture with Margaret Bendroth Now Available

In spring 2021, Dr. Margaret Bendroth gave a public lecture entitled "Liberating the Ladies' Aid: Mainline Protestants and Feminism in the 'Between Times.'" This lecture was hosted by Dr. Christopher Evans in his graduate-level course at the BU School of Theology. The event was sponsored by the Center for Global Christianity & Mission. Dr. Bendroth is a Visiting Researcher with the CGCM and the former longtime executive director of the Congregational Library in Boston. Watch the video on the Center's YouTube channel!

Digital Humanities: Mapping Christianity in China

On November 19-21, 2020, the Center for Global Christianity and Mission convened a workshop on “Mapping Christianity in China, 1550-1950.” The Center launched the China Historical Christian Database (CHCD) project in 2018 to map where every Christian church, school, hospital, monastery, orphanage, publishing house, and the like were located in China between 1550 and 1950. The project also seeks to identify who worked inside those buildings, both foreigners and Chinese. The goal is to build a tool that can create spatial maps of when and where Christians were located in China, and a resource that can generate social network maps... More