Each year, the Center for Global Christianity & Mission welcomes a community of academics and professionals from around the world. Missionaries-in-Residence work on their own projects, but may also take advantage of the Boston University library system and network of scholars.

Missionaries-in-Residence are practitioners wanting to deepen or pursue a particular interest.

The CGCM sponsors at least one community gathering a semester, where Missionaries-in-Residence and Visiting Researchers share their progress, receive feedback on their work, and learn from one another. In addition, the CGCM seeks opportunities to connect Missionaries-in-Residence with students at the School of Theology who are exploring their own vocations.

Missionaries-in-Residence receive:

  • a bu.edu email address
  • access to a community of scholars
  • Boston University library privileges
  • promotion of their projects through the CGCM

While in the area, Missionaries-in-Residence can also take advantage of the dense network of institutions and people in the Boston area.


If you are interested in being a Missionary-in-Residence, the first step is to contact the Associate Director, Daryl Ireland. Please include your CV or resume, a short statement of intent, and the name and contact information of one reference. The Associate Director will then contact you to discuss your application.

Missionaries-in-Residence are welcome any time of the year, but the CGCM community is most active during the fall semester (September – mid-December) and spring semester (mid-January – May). Missionary-in-Residence appointments may be made for up to one year.


The CGCM charges $100 for an administration fee.


It is the responsibility of each Missionary-in-Residence to secure external housing.

Visas and Scholarships

Missionaries-in-Residence coming from outside the United States will require a J-1 visa. Boston University will process the necessary paperwork, but charges $1,000 because of the time and work involved.

It is possible to apply for a waiver of the visa paperwork fee. If that will be necessary, please note it in your application email.