Mission is faith in action. It is about the church in the world. For that reason, the people who are part of the CGCM community are scholars and activists, most often both, some of whom work from Boston and many others based elsewhere who contribute to the work of the Center’s community.

The Center’s Faculty Associates are connected with the teaching and research mission of Boston University. All are engaged in active research on Christianity as a global movement, mission studies, development studies, and/or world religions. Most have special expertise in a particular geographic region or culture.

Person-by-person, our alumni have and continue to make what it means to be a global Christian visible. We will keep adding profiles of them to this page. Together, over time, they will draw a picture of our extended community.

Current doctoral students come to Boston University with diverse interests related to contemporary World Christianity, history of Christianity, and mission studies. After earning their degrees, they spread out to academic, ecclesial, or NGO-based positions all over the world.

Visiting Researchers are scholars and professionals with specialized interests and projects directly related to the work of the Center, who collaborate in the Center’s work for up to a year at a time.

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