The Korean Church of Boston 70th Anniversary Symposium

The Korean Church of Boston (PCUSA) looks back on the past as we welcome our 70th anniversary in 2023 as an immigrant church planted in the United States, and we thank God for God’s great love bestowed upon us. Therefore, we have prepared events to commemorate our 70th anniversary under the title “Gratitude,” and a meaningful symposium as below:

Two Tales of a City upon a Hill:
– Unlocking the Past for a Better Future Together:
Stories of Native Americans & Korean American Churches

2023. 4.24-26
The Korean Church of Boston (PCUSA)
32 Harvard St. Brookline, MA 02445

Dr. Eunil David Cho, a CGCM faculty affiliate, will be speaking. 

More details on the event here.

More on the Korean Diaspora Project here.

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