Global Mission in the Age of World Christianity

In May 2023, Yonsei University and the Saemoonan Church combined to host Dana Robert as she gave the special Underwood Lectures on Global Mission in the Age of World Christianity. The lectures included, “Frontiers, or ‘to the Ends of the Earth'”, “Friendship in the Kingdom,” and “Fellowship: Living ‘As If.'” Reporting on the lecture on […]

IAMS 2026

In June, the new executive committee of the International Association for Mission Studies met in Seoul, Korea to plan for the next quadrennium. In addition to setting the location for the 2026 meeting in Pretoria, South Africa, Michele Sigg, the North American representative, and the other delegates selected the theme “Walking Together in Mission: Facing […]

Russian Methodism

During the early twentieth century until the Japanese invasion of 1931, Harbin, Manchuria, was a crossroads for migrants, including Koreans, mixed-race North Asian populations, and Russians fleeing the Russian Revolution. In that challenging context, the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, opened missions to the different refugee populations in Harbin. In 1927 the mission to Russian refugees […]

ASM Eastern Fellowship Meeting: Report

The Eastern Fellowship of the American Society of Missiologists met at Stony Point Retreat Center, New York from November 4-5, 2022. The 38 participants included well-known missiologists, theologians, and scholars and researchers of missiology and World Christianity. On the first day of the meeting, participants spent time discussing the findings of the recently released monumental work World Christian […]

WCC Publishes Missional Collaborations 2021: A Report from North America 

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at the Boston University School of Theology guided a year-long study on missional collaboration in North America to mark the Centenary of the International Missionary Council. The North American study was one of sixteen regional studies, most of which have been compiled together in one published volume for the 2022 General […]

Livestream of Dana Robert’s Inaugural Gerald H. Anderson Lecture – June 9, 2022

To mark OMSC’s Centenary Celebration today, Dr. Dana Robert will deliver the Inaugural Gerald H. Anderson Lecture at 5:00 pm in the Theron Room of the Theodore Sedgwick Wright Library of Princeton Theological Seminary. Her title is “DR. GERALD H. ANDERSON, MAESTRO OF CONTEMPORARY MISSION STUDIES.” Her lecture will be live-streamed on YouTube: Dr. Dana Robert […]