Alumni Around the World

Year by year, advanced graduate students pass through the School of Theology and the Center for Global Christianity, then go out into the world to teach and do what they have been studying. As they move, the CGCM community grows in engagement through them. They are such a diverse group of people that no one description could possibly do the entire body justice. Instead, news and updates will be regularly provided. Cumulatively, their activities will create a portrait of the CGCM alumni community.

WCC Publishes Missional Collaborations 2021: A Report from North America 

The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at the Boston University School of Theology guided a year-long study on missional collaboration in North America to mark the Centenary of the International Missionary Council. The North American study was one of sixteen regional studies, most of which have been compiled together in one published volume for the 2022 General Assembly of the World Council of Churches. It is with great pleasure that the CGCM announces the publication, Hundred Years of Mission Cooperation, The Impact of the International Missionary Council: 1921-2021, edited by Risto Jukko, the head of the Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the WCC.  The North American report can be found in Chapter 17 of the volume and is also accessible on the CGCM Mission Study Process webpage:


Titus Presler’s Talk on “The Poverty Captivity of Mission in the Churches”

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On October 25, 2022, at 2 pm, Rev. Canon Dr. Titus Presler, the Executive Director of the Global Episcopal Mission Network, former president of Austin Seminary, former dean of General Seminary, and current Vicar of a church in Vermont, will be speaking to students on the theme, "The Poverty Captivity of Mission in the Churches," in the College of General Studies (CGS 123), Boston University.

He will also meet the Anglo-Episcopal Community of Learning at STH B24, Boston University. The meeting will be an informal one, hosted by the Center for Global Christianity and Mission.



Casely Essamuah’s (’03) interview at the WCC

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"The first question the secretary of Global Christian Forum, Rev. Dr. Casely Baiden Essamuah, asks himself when he sits down at the table together with networking peers from different denominations is: “who is missing?""

Rev. Dr. Casely Baiden Essamuah ('03) recently gave an interview to WCC Communications and elaborated that plans were underway to hold a global gathering of the Forum in 2024 in Accra, Ghana. A memorandum of understanding was also signed between the Global Christian Forum and the World Council of Churches during his visit to Geneva.