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2022 Yale-Edinburgh Group Meeting – Save the Dates

The 2022 Yale-Edinburgh Group annual meeting will be held June 28-30.  Please save the dates. We anticipate that the conference will be a hybrid event, with both onsite participation at Yale Divinity School and remote video opportunities. The theme for the 2022 meeting will focus on the legacies of our founders Andrew Walls and Lamin Sanneh.


Please check the Yale-Edinburgh Group website for unfolding details and look for the call for proposals sometime in January.

Prof. Anthony E. Clark to Lecture on “The Making of Jesuit Saints in Late Imperial China”

You are invited to attend a talk by Prof. Anthony E. Clark, Combe Trust Fellow at the University of Edinburgh.
Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 1:00-2:00 pm in Edinburgh, Scotland (5:00 am in Seattle/8:00 am in New York)
Zoom Link: 
The Theater of Canonization: The Making of Jesuit Saints in Late Imperial China

Clark Talk
The word “China” is a sixteenth-century Western neologism derived from the name of China’s first imperial dynasty – the Qin 秦, which was commonly Latinized in Jesuit epistolary exchange as “China.” Chinese refer to their own nation as 中國, transliterated as Zhongguo, or the “Middle Kingdom,” and thus the division between how China and the West view the “Middle Kingdom” begins with the fundamental nomenclature self-identification. The Jesuit enterprise during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties (re)presented China to the West in contours that engendered a romanticized “China” exalted by Enlightenment literati who helped inaugurate the Chinoiserie movement and new modes of intellectual discourse. By the mid-nineteenth century the West’s intellectual and aesthetic admiration for China transmuted into an arrogant disdain, and after the Opium War (1839-1940) Jesuits set themselves once again to (re)presenting China in a fashion that would “redeem” it from the pejorative assessment then dominant in the West. This work-in-progress seminar considers how the Society of Jesus served to manufacture the West’s imagination of “China” from popularizing the Western neologism for Zhonguo in the sixteenth century to the production of Jesuit drama in China that wished to refashion, indeed canonize, Chinese culture both within and beyond the Great Wall.
Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH) Link:

What is Global Catholicism? Forum at SLU


On behalf of our colleagues at St. Louis University's Center for Research on Global Catholicism, we invite you to attend an online zoom forum on September 24, 12:00-1:15 (CDT) via Zoom or in-person at Boileau Hall.

Professors Heidi Ardizzone, Kevin Ingram, and Grant Kaplan will share their current research and reflect with the audience on “what is global Catholicism.”

Please direct any questions toglobal catholicism sept. 24 with


Call for Papers – “Decolonizing Churches”

Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network's 14th Annual Conference

June 22-25, 2022

Universidad Interamericana de Puetro Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

in collaboration with Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico

Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico

The Union of Charismatic Orthodox Churches


For more information on the conference topic, "Decolonizing Churches", details on the conference registration, and more, visit the Ecclesiological Investigations website,  and see the attached PDF announcement: 2022 EI Decolonizing Churches announcement and call for papers.

Ecclesiological Investigations Zoom Gathering, September 24th

Ecclesiological Investigations International Research Network invites members, friends, & others to gather by Zoom on Friday September 24th, 2021 from 4-6pm (EST) to celebrate the Ecclesiological Investigations past and to look ahead to the Ecclesiological Investigations future.

For more detailed information, click on this "Sept 24 2021 Ecclesiological Investigations gathering" Announcement

Join the Zoom Meeting at

Meeting ID: 894 5883 4310 - Passcode: 656520

One tap mobile


Please join us on September 24, 2021, at 4 pm Eastern Time (USA) as we celebrate EI’s past (14 international conferences, sessions at both the American Academy of Religion and the European Academy of Religion, publication series, and a year of Zoom webinars), and as we look ahead to EI’s future.

• Share memories of your involvement in the EI Network events over the years

• See highlights of EI conferences over the years

• Hear about “Decolonizing Churches” to gather in person at the Universidad Interamericano de Puerto Rico (UIPR) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 22-25, 2022

• Meet some of the Planning Team for the San Juan Conference, and the leadership at UIPR, to hear more about this event, including the call for papers

• Offer ideas about where the EI Network might go in the future


Please share the Zoom link for Sept 24 with others in your networks interested in EI

This will be an open-access event - No prior registration is required

For questions or more information email Dale Irvin, Chair of EI, at

Check Out Visiting Researcher’s, Margaret Bendroth, New Article

Visiting Researcher, Margaret Bendroth, has recently published a new article in The Review of Faith & International Affairs.

Journal Title Page - Faith & International Affairs


Bendroth looks at how the legacy of the Pilgrims shaped religion in the United States up to the early twentieth century. To read the interesting article, check out “Who Owns the Pilgrim Fathers? American Protestants and a Contested Legacy,” in The Review of Faith & International Affairs 19, no. 3 (July 3, 2021): 46–54,


Dana Robert to Speak in Panel Discussion on “What is World Christianity?”

Dana Robert

As a part of the Overseas Ministry Study Center's Online Study Program 2020-2021, Dr. Dana Robert will join a panel to discuss "What is World Christianity?". The event will take place on November 4, 9:30-11:00 am (EST). Dr. Robert be a part of the panel, along with Afe Adogame, Alexander Chow, Jehu Hanciles, Brian Stanley, and Emma Wild-Wood. 

To sign up and attend, see the OMSC info page, here.

In Memory of Historian Wilbert R. Shenk

Photo of Wilbert ShenkThe CGCM remembers the generous life and legacy of Wilbert Shenk. He shaped the study of world Christianity in its early years and continued to be a mentor, model, and inspiration to many. His research and writing were groundbreaking and generative, particularly his work on historical figures and missiologists Henry Venn and Lesslie Newbigin. His presence at and participation in the American Society of Missiology was formative for colleagues and younger scholars. His extensive work on global Mennonite history, his mission experience, his publications, and his teaching career all reflect his generous, engaged, and thoughtful presence as a friend, colleague, and missiologist. He will be greatly missed. 

To read more about Wilbert's life, visit Fuller Seminary's "In Memoriam"  or Wilbert's obituary

To listen to an interview with Wilbert full of stories of his own missiological formation click here.

Ruth Padilla DeBorst (’16) on the Legacy of John Stott

Dr. Ruth Padilla DeBorst ('16) was recently featured in a podcast series with Langham Partnership on the legacy of John Stott. Listen to her interview with Mark Meynell here!

Dr. Padilla DeBorst, a longtime leader with IFES and the Fraternidad Teológica Latinoamericana, is currently on the leadership board at the Comunidad de Estudios Teológicos Interdisciplinarios (CETI) and serves with the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT).