MFA Painting & Sculpture Thesis (2023)

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MFA Painting & Sculpture Thesis (2023)

April 6 – 22, 2023

Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery & Commonwealth Gallery

The MFA Painting and Sculpture theses are displayed in both the Faye G., Jo, and James Stone Gallery and Commonwealth Gallery at the BU College of Fine Arts building. The works by graduating MFA Sculpture students demonstrate their interest in experimentation with a broad range of unconventional materials.

“A tally of these materials would overwhelm: everything from ceramic and plexiglass, latex and lumber, paper and steel (sometimes corroded by vinegar), to chicken bones, SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, also known as kombucha leather), actively composting bloodworms, fungus, and other less-than-palatable substrates,” says David Snyder, Assistant Professor of Art, Chair of Graduate Studies, Sculpture. “The results of the experiments—though wildly different—share an attentive appreciation for rich surface detail, as well as an uncompromising, specific approach to the use of physical space as a primary component of the work itself.”

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Josephine Halvorson, Professor of Art and Chair of Graduate Studies, Painting, explains how the MFA Painting Class of 2023 shows viewers how through painting, people can see deeply inwards and far outwards. “As a material process that typically privileges the sensation of touch, it is rarely too far from the body of its maker. The smallest aspects of everyday life to the biggest events of our time can be made palpable through depiction, abstraction, and the wonder that making brings,” says Halvorson.

“Together we sincerely congratulate the MFA Class of 2023 for their extraordinary work. Questions of individual agency and collective impact are brought to the foreground by Hide Self View, an exhibition responsive to the experience of shared screen-space and personal vulnerability. The MFA Painting and Sculpture exhibitions also mine the gap between internal experience and externalized material expression, making invisible feelings and forces physical in a myriad of ways.”

Dana Clancy, Director of BU School of Visual Arts and Associate Professor of Art, Painting


Featuring work from 2023 MFA candidates in Graphic Design, Painting, and Sculpture at Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts. Published on the occasion of the 2023 Boston University CFA School of Visual Arts MFA Thesis, April 6–22, 2023. Designed by Annabella Pugliese, Sophia Viviano, Ash Wei, and Lucy Zou; Faculty Advisor: Christopher Sleboda, Associate Professor of Art, Graphic Design; Edited by Bryne Rasmussen.

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