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The Print Media & Photography MFA emphasizes photographic and printmaking practices within a contemporary art context and is an ideal incubator for artists to engage multiple studio disciplines in the development of their work.

Interdisciplinary by its nature, it reimagines conventional methods and allows students to refine and expand their practice. A select program within a robust MFA environment, it strives to encourage inquiry, experimentation, and an inventive approach.

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Innovate Across Print Media

Imagery is the driving force in modern communication. The Master of Fine Arts in Print Media & Photography at Boston University will teach you to…

  • See and think more critically about your work, tools, and materials
  • Deeply engage in and master technical training in printmaking and photography to support creative growth
  • Develop a distinct personal vision evident in studio work
  • Gain a command of appropriate professional level studio protocols and professional practice in making and understanding images in the 21st century
  • Understand the history of the photography and print form in Western and other civilizations
  • Communicate and achieve a coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals as an independent professional
  • Communicate persuasively in spoken and written language about your own and others’ artwork

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The Master of Fine Arts experience at Boston University School of Visual Arts is about deeply questioning an artist’s assumptions about themselves, their work, and their world, leading to strong innovative artistic growth. The interdisciplinary exploration of printmaking and photography prizes experimentation and emphasizes the research and discovery needed to bring ideas to fruition.

The program offers a wide range of courses that address critical analysis of content and context as well as technical ability. Our facilities include a black and white darkroom, state-of-the-art digital labs with current Adobe software, outstanding printmaking studios supporting all print media, both traditional and “green,” and dedicated digital and darkroom facilities for print as well as options for work in book arts including letterpress. Students will also have the opportunity to gain experience as teaching assistants and participate in international study tours that combine print and photography, offering direct experiential learning and professional contacts not found in the studio or classroom. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Display exemplary professional-level knowledge and skills
  • Personal vision evident in work
  • Conceptual acuity and creative virtuosity at multiple levels of complexity
  • Technical virtuosity
  • Conceptual and technical command of integration and synthesis
  • Develop a command of appropriate professional level studio protocols and professional practice
  • Exceptional understanding of the history of the art form (the disciplines of photo and print, and their historical contexts) in Western and other civilizations
  • A coherent set of artistic/intellectual goals and the ability to achieve these goals as an independent professional
  • Ability to form and defend defined judgments of one’s own work and others’
  • Ability to communicate in spoken and written language

Program of Study

The MFA in Print Media & Photography is a 60-credit program that requires an average of 4 semesters to complete. Students may only enter in September.Through the creation of a significant body of work, students in the MFA, Print Media & Photography program will achieve advanced professional competence in media including print media or photography or elements of both. They are expected to gain a breadth of understanding in the visual arts, think independently, and be able to synthesize information related to the theory and practice of print media and photography in a contemporary context.

Students will also leave the program with a strong awareness of current issues and contemporary developments that are influencing print media, photography and related media, the basic ability and clear potential to contribute to the expansion and evolution of these fields. Finally, our students will learn how to speak and write about their work for a range of audiences – from the art world to education, in both formal and informal settings.

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Facilities and Resources

Housed within an exceptional array of shared and personal studio spaces, the Print Media & Photography program affords access to state-of-the-art facilities.

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Program Faculty

Graduate Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum requirements for the MFA Painting program can be found on the Academic Bulletin.


Important Dates

Winter 2023

JAN 16

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Spring 2023


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Fall 2023


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Next Steps for Applicants

The best way to determine if BU is right for you is to visit us in-person or remotely. Observe classes. Faculty members are available to meet with you and to discuss your educational interests, individual learning needs, and career goals.

Explore our admission requirements, financial tools, and resources to determine if the program is the right match. Reach out to with any questions along the way.

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