Category: Spring 2015

The Pricing Effects of Heritage at an Iconic Hotel

By: Bradford Hudson Historic hotels are a recognized product type in the lodging industry and may be found in significant numbers throughout the globe. Much of the academic and popular literature about these hotels focuses on their architectural, social, or business history. Less has been written about how such history might represent a value proposition […]

The Customer is Always Right, Right? A Look at How Yelp Has Taken Hold of the Boston Restaurant Industry

By: Rachel DeSimone Photography: Kristen Tieg Formal restaurant reviews made their debut back in 1941 when Duncan Hines, known today for his boxed-cake mix, put out his first restaurant guidebook, Adventures in Good Eating. The intention was, “to guide travelers and protect them from eating poisonous food from unsanitary places,” according to his biography by […]

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Financial & Competitive Advantages of an Effective Hotel SEM Strategy

By: Leora Halpern Lanz & Jovanna Fazzini Inefficient algorithms drove various search engines throughout the 1990’s. Search results were at times unrelated to the proposed query, and were cluttered with spam. Google soon devised a more organized and systematic search result listing, and the relevance of search results improved exponentially. The plethora of data distributed […]

Boston, the Booth Brothers, and the Parker House

By: Susan Wilson April 14, 2015 was the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. This is the story of how that fateful day was linked to Boston, the Booth Brothers, and the Parker House. Hotel personnel have always collected wondrous tales about the visiting celebrities they’ve observed over decades of service. Few […]

Airports Hotels: Laying the Foundation for a Synergistic Relationship

By Allison Fogarty Hotels have always been located near transportation hubs. Centuries ago, travelers sought accommodation and refreshment in inns strategically located along the road network to provide a place for man and beast to recharge and refresh. As carriages and stagecoaches gave way to railroads, and sail yielded to steam, hostelries sprang up around […]