Your Pathway to Medicine

While pre-medicine/pre-health is not a major at BU, you can design your own unique course of study while fulfilling pre-requisite requirements for any health related field. Our students pursue careers in a variety of health professions including but not limited to dentistry, medicine, physician assistant, nursing, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry, public health, and veterinary medicine. You can create your own undergraduate path to any of these careers by choosing whichever major interests you most since health profession schools do not have a preference!

The most popular pathways:

College of Arts & Sciences:

You will find the largest variety of majors in CAS, including common pre-health choices such as biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and psychology. Though we have students pursuing a variety of majors while on the pre-health pathway such as chemistry, history, physics, and sociology.

Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences:

There are a host of majors to choose from, such as behavior and health, health science, human physiology, and more.

College of Engineering:

A major in biomedical engineering can satisfy all of the standard pre-health requirements and prepare you for a variety of careers in engineering and healthcare.

Pre-Professional Advising Office

Your path is up to you. To help you find it, BU provides specialized pre-professional advisors for health-related careers. Pre-health advisors are available to provide you with expert guidance and support with selecting courses, clinical, and research opportunities, and to help you navigate and prepare for the application process. Our team will help you learn how to take advantage of all the co-curricular opportunities available to you so you can build a competitive portfolio and become a successful applicant to health profession schools.

Modular Medical/Dental Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC)

In the spring of your second year at BU, you can apply to the Modular Medical/Dental Integrated Curriculum (MMEDIC) designed for qualified, highly motivated students. Students admitted to MMEDIC receive provisional early admission to the Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine or the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine, and take medical/dental school-related courses that fulfill undergraduate requirements and enhance students’ transition to the professional schools’ curriculums.The medical track leads to a Doctor of Medicine degree and the dental track leads to a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, most commonly in combination with a bachelor’s degree from the College of Arts & Sciences; the College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College; or the College of Engineering. Admission to this program is highly competitive.


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