Managing BU Expenses

The BU Scholarship Assurance

Aid offered upon admission is guaranteed for each of your undergraduate years of study.

The BU Scholarship Assurance guarantees that the amount of BU financial aid you receive in your first year at BU will not be reduced for any of your undergraduate years here, as long as you meet academic and deadline requirements.

What’s more, if tuition goes up, any aid you receive through the need-based affordableBU scholarship aid program will be increased by the same percentage as the tuition increase.

See FAQs about the BU Scholarship Assurance.

Planning Resources

BU is here to help you maximize your resources and minimize your expenses. From choosing an affordable housing option to finding on-campus employment, we’ve compiled all the information you need to manage your college costs. Our Smart Money 101 program is also available to help you budget and be fiscally savvy.

Average Aid Award

What does the average aid award package look like? This chart provides an overview. Please note: this chart cannot be used to predict a specific award amount for an individual.

MyinTuition: Quick College Cost Estimator

This online tool will help you anticipate your college costs and estimate your eligibility for need-based scholarships through six basic financial questions. You will receive an early estimate of the amount your family will need to contribute for one year at Boston University.

MyinTuition Calculator

Net Price Calculator

This online tool will help you and your family estimate the amount of financial aid you could be offered and the net amount you may be expected to pay toward the cost of attending BU.

Net Price Calculator

Make Your Dreams Come True

Get all the nitty-gritty financial aid details that can turn the dream of a BU degree into a very exciting reality.