MyBU Applicant Portal

Your MyBU Applicant Portal is where you can monitor the status of your admissions and financial aid application and view your admission decision when it is posted.

Forgot your password?

Forgot Login or Password help is available on the MyBU Login page.

Do I really need a BU Web Account?

Yes, you must have a BU Web Account in order to log in and access your personalized information in the MyBU Applicant Portal. This is not the same as the Apply Web Account you may have used to submit your application online.

I set up my BU Web Account, but I am not able to log in.

Please check your browser settings by visiting our Troubleshooting page.

How do I get a BU Web Account?

Boston University will send email correspondence to all applicants containing BU Web account set up information. If you do not have the email message or you get a message that your PIN is invalid or has expired, BU Web Account setup information can be sent to you at the email address you provided to Boston University.