Previous Career Development Professors


Cornel Ban, Pardee, International Relations
Hui Feng, MED, Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics
Ahmad Khalil, ENG, Biomedical Engineering
John Marston, CAS, Archaeology and Anthropology
Erin Reid, Questrom, Organizational Behavior
Nachiketa Sahoo, Questrom, Information Systems


Kathleen Corriveau, SED, Human Development
Valentina Perissi, MED, Biochemistry
Cara Stepp, SAR, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
James Uden, CAS, Classical Studies


Colin Fisher, Questrom, Organizational Behavior
Xue Han, ENG, Biomedical Engineering
Johannes Schmieder, CAS, Economics


Pietro Cottone, MED, Pharmacology and Psychiatry
Douglas Densmore, ENG, Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering
Cara Lewis, SAR, Physical Therapy
Delvon Parker, Questrom, Operations and Technology Management
Simon Rabinovich, CAS, Modern Jewish History


Margaret Litvin, CAS, Modern Languages & Comparative Literature
Abigail Moncrieff, LAW
Catharine Wang
, SPH, Community Health Sciences


Emine Fetvaci, CAS, History of Art & Architecture
Assen Marintchev, MED, Physiology & BiophysicsYesim Tozan, SPH, International Health


Hatice Altug, ENG, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Kristin Collins, LAW
Carrie Preston, CAS, English


Brooke Blower, CAS, History
Sucharita Chandran, Questrom, Marketing
John Connor, MED, Microbiology
Marah Curtis, SSW, Social Welfare Policy