Boston University is a big, constantly evolving place. And, space is among our most valuable assets, with more than 300 buildings, 2,300 laboratories, 540 classrooms, and 11,400 residences spread out across 134 acres in the heart of the city.

As our institution continues to grow and develop, so too does the need for modern academic spaces to accommodate the needs of a world-class faculty and student body. Academic Space Planning in the Office of the Provost helps to facilitate the planning process and transform exciting new ideas into state-of-the-art teaching, learning, and research spaces. The following are important guidelines and points of contact as you begin your next space planning project.

Proposals for Reassignment or Renovation

Proposals for reassignment or significant renovation of space will be considered following guidelines established by the SPACE (Space Planning And Capital Expenditures) Committee.  All requests must be submitted through the University’s project management system, PM Web.  Each dean, vice president, and associate provost has designated a single individual who is authorized to submit requests.

Guidelines for Renovation Requests

“Significant” renovation projects are those which meet any of the following criteria:

  • Projects which are likely to cost more than $25k
  • Reassignment of space from one University unit to another
  • Modifications that alter the physical layout of walls and doors
  • Changes in use category of a space (i.e., conversion of a conference room to a research laboratory)
  • Projects requiring the assistance of a design professional

Smaller projects that do not meet these criteria (replacement of carpet in an office, for example) are also initiated in PM Web, but will be assigned to a project manager without review by the sub-SPACE Committee.

All renovation requests from academic units will first be evaluated by the Office of the Provost.  If approved, these requests will be forwarded to the Operations Sub-committee of SPACE, commonly referred to as “sub-SPACE.”  This committee comprises members from the Office of the Provost, Campus Planning & Operations, and Budget & Planning.  The sub-SPACE Committee may request additional information to support the request, assign a project manager to begin the project planning process, or refer the request to the SPACE Committee, depending upon the magnitude of the proposal.

Requests for Additional Square Footage

Requests for additional square footage will be reviewed personally by the Provost.  Although it sometime takes time to resolve these requests, a concerted effort will be made to arrange direct communication with the requesting dean, vice president, or associate provost to give timely feedback on the request, and the likelihood that it will be approved.

Need More Info?

Any questions regarding the space planning or capital project development process may be directed to Amy Barrett, Assistant Provost for Academic Space Planning (

For assistance with PM Web, including access requests and information about training, email