Sanaz Mobasseri

Isabel Anderson Career Development Professor Assistant Professor, Management & Organizations
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    Research Presentations
  • Mobasseri, S. Asymmetric Peer Effects: How Race and Gender Co-Worker Composition Shapes Black Turnover, Harvard University, Economic Sociology Seminar, Harvard University, Department of Sociology, 2020
  • Mobasseri, S. Catching Negativity: The Gendered Dynamics of Emotional Contagion in Email, 2020 Conference on Computational Sociology, Stanford University, 2020
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  • Mobasseri, S. A Brief Social-Belonging Intervention in the Workplace: Evidence from a Field Experiment, the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, People and Organizations Conference, 2018
    Awards and Honors
  • 2019, Junior Faculty Fellow, Boston University
  • 2018, Runner Up Louis Pondy Best Dissertation Paper Award, Academy of Management OMT Section, Organization and Management Theory Section