Important dates-2014-15 academic year


  • Students submit full 2014–15 academic year Residence License Agreements and housing guarantee payments using a credit card or a U.S. bank account through the Housing Reservation website
  • Friday, February 28, 5 p.m.—Deadline to submit Residence License Agreement and $600 nonrefundable housing guarantee payment


  • Same Room Selection confirmation notifications sent to students who have selected their current room or have been pulled in to a room for 2014–15 academic year
  • Room Selection Appointment Notification Cards containing Internal and Community Room Selection appointment dates and times sent to students who did not participate in Same Room Selection

Late March/Early April

  • Internal and Community Room Selection (for those who did not participate in Same Room Selection)



  • August 22—Last day for continuing students to cancel on-campus housing; if students do not cancel their on-campus housing by the August 22, 2014 deadline, their Residence License Agreements will remain valid for the full 2014–15 academic year (July 2–August 22, no rebate of housing guarantee payment for cancellations)


  • August 30 —Residences open for new students for 2014–15 academic year
  • August 31—Residences open for continuing students for 2014–15 academic year
  • September 2—Classes begin for 2014–15 academic year

For further information about Residence License Agreements, housing guarantee payments, Room Selection, and residence assignments, please contact BU Housing at 617-353-3511, or at