Copy/Mail Room Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Copy/Mail Room open outside of regular business hours?

We discourage use of the Copy/Mail Room at other times and we attempt to accommodate people during regular business hours. However, if you have an unusual problem, you should contact the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator.

Is the Copy/Mail Room ever closed during regular business hours?

On rare occasions, the Copy/Mail Room is closed during regular business hours. When this happens, an e-mail will be sent out before the closing and/or our “Will Return” sign will indicate the time we will return.

Copy Services

How do I get authorized to have copies made?
Contact your department. They will submit a written request to create an account under your name, class or grant.

Is the copier down often?

No. Every effort is made to keep the machines running and the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator has been trained to make minor repairs. Also, the repair service is very quick to respond. Sometimes, the machine will have a small problem to prevent some things from being done but the machine is still running. When the machine is down for a long time, an e-mail is sent indicating the problem and the anticipated time it should be fixed. This happens only once or twice a year.

How do I request copies?

You must fill out the blue “Request Form.” We encourage you to take a few “Request Forms” back to your work area. Please fill out the forms completely and legibly. Forms that are incomplete or difficult to read will delay the completion of your job.

Is all this paper work necessary?

Yes. To fill your request properly and for correct record keeping you must fill out the forms completely. We have tried to make this easy for you.

What if I have a special request?

Check first with Copy/Mail Room staff and then put it down on the form. Written directions will decrease errors and delays.

What kind of things can be done in the Copy/Mail Room?

Our Danka/Kodak IS110 and M50 offer many features. We suggest you speak to Copy/Mail Room staff to learn how these features can benefit your copy requests. Our IS110 can produce 110 top quality copies a minute. It can reduce, enlarge, staple up to 50 sheets three ways, make 1- or 2-sided copies from 1- or 2-sided material, add front and back covers, and insert sheets. It produces high quality picture copies and can delete sections on each page. We also have spot color and can use red and black toner on each page. The paper we have is white, gray, pink, blue, gold, green, yellow, orchid/purple, cherry, salmon, 3-hole punched, 8.5 x 14 white, 11 x 17 white, 11 x 17 gray, and A4 (European size). We have heavy stock (65 and 80) in white and natural (off-white) and transparencies. For small orders, we have bright colors and 3-hole punch color paper. We can also provide copies in small amounts on paper with velobinder and spiral bind holes but your Department must provide the binders.

We do have a color printer, not a copier. See the Copy/Mail Room Manager for details. You need to send your copy request as a PDF to AND

Can you make copies on my Department’s stationery or special paper?

Yes. But your department must provide it.

How long will it take to finish my request?

Our goal is as you wait. Obviously, with more diffucult jobs, it may take longer but most of our jobs are done in less than 2 hours.

What if the Copy/Mail Room cannot do what I need when I need it?

We try to meet all the needs of our Faculty and Staff. However, sometimes we are unable to fulfill a request. In this case, you should talk to your Department about taking the material to Image X-Press.

In what order do the jobs get done?

The order of copy jobs is determined by the date and time you write for “Date Needed” and “Time Needed” on the requisition form. Therefore, it is important you are accurate when giving us this information. If several jobs are needed at the same time, we determine the order by when they were received.

Can you deliver the copies to my work area?

No. We do not have the staff for this. However, special arrangements have been made for the Divisions and ECE Depts. Please see them for details.

Who pays for the copies?

Your Department or Grant. Each request is charged to your name, class, or grant and the monthly figures are reported to your department.

What if there is a problem with the copies I received?

Although we pay close attention to following your directions and the quality of copies, sometimes we goof. If this is the case, immediately bring the matter to the attention of the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator. You will receive new copies as soon as possible and your department will receive credit.

What if the material I need is confidential or an exam?

Fill out the “Requisition Form”, as usual and give the material to the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator. If possible, the copies will be made as you wait. If not possible, it will be done as soon as possible and you will be given an estimated time it will be completed. We ask that you pick them up as soon as they are ready.

Is it safe to leave confidential material in the Copy/Mail Room?

Yes. Special consideration is given to keep confidential material secure.

Can I keep confidential material there for several hours or overnight?

Yes. But we prefer you take all material as soon as it is done.

What if the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator is not there?

You should give the confidential material to the student worker and watch as it is done or wait for the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator to return.

Can I have copies of material which has a copyright notice?

No. We do not make copies of copyright material unless you provide us with a copy of the permission from the publisher. To get permission, you should contact the Copyright Permission Service at the Boston University Bookstore (800-750-6229) or the publisher.

Copyright laws are very complicated and the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator has to review each case. Basically, you can have one copy of one chapter. Copies for classes are possible under some circumstances. A more detailed explanation of the copyright laws can be found in the Copy/Mail Room.

Although we realize the copyright laws sometimes make it difficult for research and class presentations, we take the laws very seriously because violations can be costly to the University. U.S. Copyright Office

If your request for copyright material has been approved by the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator, you must fill out the “Copyright `Fair Use’ Form” along with the “Copy Request Form”.

What is the “Copyright ‘Fair Use’ Form”?

The “Copyright ‘Fair Use’ Form” identifies the material and states you are in compliance with the copyright laws. It does not give you permission to copy whatever and how much you want. Written permission to copy material must be attached to the “Copyright ‘Fair Use’ Form”.

Can I make copies myself?

Not on our Danka/Kodak S110. Only trained Copy/Mail Room staff can use it. You can use the small Danka/Kodak M50. However, you are limited to 40 copies per day.

Do you make student reading packages students can purchase?

No. Fedex/Kinkos can do this.

Mail Services

What mail services do you offer?

Basically, we hold outgoing mail for pick up and sort incoming mail. If you need further assistance, you can check with us, your department and/or call Boston University Mail Services, 120 Ashford St., 353-2156.

Outgoing Mail

Where should I place outgoing mail?

You can put outgoing mail in your department’s outgoing mailbox.

How quickly will it go out?

The University Mail Services picks up the mail in the Copy/Mail Room around 9:30 and 1:30 each day.

What if I miss the pick-up and need to get it out?

Take it to the U.S. Post Office in Kenmore Sq. Discuss charges with your department.

What if I have a large volume of mail or heavy packages?

Bring it down to the Copy/Mail Room and we will arrange with University Mail Services to pick it up. Large packages are sent Third Class unless something else is requested on the package.

Do you have material to wrap packages?

Yes. We have a limited supply of various packing materials you can use.

Who pays the postage?

Your department or grant pays for postage. Each piece of mail must have the appropriate distribution/mail code that is placed on it by your department staff. Mail without a code is returned to the department. We do not sell stamps.

Incoming Mail

When is incoming mail ready for pick up?

Incoming mail is ready for pick up in the Copy/Mail Room by 12:00 and 4:00 each day.

What if the mail is not ready by 12:00 and 4:00?

This seldom happens. However, when it does, each department will receive an e-mail indicating when it will be ready.

Should I call to make sure the incoming mail is ready?

Please don’t. Special efforts are made to get mail done. If there is a problem, each department will be notified.

Do all departments have to go to the Copy/Mail Room to get their mail?

All departments at 44 Cummington St. do. Mail for ME, ECE and Divisions is delivered to each Dept. between 11-1 or 3-5 each day.

What if the Department receives mail they cannot identify?

The mail contact in each Dept. should contact the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator to determine where this mail should be delivered.

Does the Copy/Mail Room supply boxes or bags to carry the mail?

No. Each Department should provide its container to carry its mail.

What should I do if I am expecting an important piece of incoming mail?

Check your mailbox in your Department first. Then ask your department if there is mail they have picked-up but have not sorted. If they have not picked it up, you should check the department mailbox in the Copy/Mail Room. If your department is at 110 Cummington St., you should also check Room 115. If we don’t have it, fill out the gold “Waiting for a Package Form” and we will call you when it comes in.

Do you know what Department my mail should go to?

We have a list of all Faculty and Staff. It is the responsibility of each department to notify the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator when new names should be added to the list.

What if no one gives you my name?

Your mail will become “Mystery Mail” and we will circulate a copy of the envelope to each department at the end of the week. If no one claims it, it will be returned to sender or if it looks like junk mail, we will toss it.

How can I prevent this delay?

Make sure we have your name on our list.

Is mail ever opened?

Yes. We may open mail for proper sorting.

Federal Express and DHL International


What if I need a package or letter to go out fast?

Ask your Department for the purple “Federal Express/DHL International Charge Authorization Form and Instructions”. This form tells you what to do. Simply, wrap and label the package properly and fill out the form completely, including the authorized signature. Make sure the form is filled out properly, including the authorized signature. Federal Express packages are sent out by your Dept. and should not be brought to the Copy/Mail Room.

How do I send an international package?

Same as above but bring the package to the Copy/Mail Room. Again, ask your Department for the purple “Federal Express/DHL International Charge Authorization Form and Instructions”. This form tells you what to do. Simply, wrap and label the package properly and fill out the form completely, including the authorized signature. International packages also require “an invoice” as explained on the purple form. Make sure the form is filled out properly, including the authorized signature.

Who pays for Federal Express/DHL International Services?

Your department or grant is charged for all mail and special delivery services.

What if the form is not complete?

The package will be returned to you.

Should I call UPS or another delivery service directly?

If you want another delivery service, you have to make arrangements on your own or with your department.

What services do Federal Express and DHL International provide?

Overnight by 10:30, Next day, 2nd and 3rd Day by 5:00, Saturday and Sunday delivery, International delivery in 2 or 3 days in most cases, Insurance, Tracking.

How will my grant or department be charged?

The purple form and receipt will be returned to your department for charging.


Where are Federal Express and special delivery packages delivered?

All packages addressed to 44, 48, 36 Cummington are delivered to the Copy/Mail Room and picked up by you or your Dept.

Can I have it delivered to my office or Department instead of B-15?

No. Special care is given to packages delivered to the Copy/Mail Room. Packages delivered elsewhere could be lost or stolen. Because of this, delivery services will only deliver to the Copy/Mail Room, except for ME, ECE, and Divisions because they are located in other buildings.

Will the Copy/Mail Room staff deliver packages to my office or Department?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff for this. However, if possible, we can help if there is a special problem. Special arrangements have been made with ECE, ME and Divisions. Please contact us for details.

Are there trucking companies which do not bring items into the building?

Unfortunately, there are and it causes problems, especially with large packages. The company shipping the item should use a delivery service which will bring the package into the building. If not, it is your responsibility to get it to your office or lab.

How do I know my package has arrived?

After packages have arrived, they are signed in by Copy/Mail Room Staff. Your department usually picks up the packages in the Copy/Mail Room by 1:00 and 5:00 each day and leaves them near your mailbox in your department. On occasion, your department will notify you to pick up the package in the Copy/Mail Room. If you want a package when it arrives, fill out the gold “Waiting for a Package Form” and you will be called when it arrives.

What do I have to do to pick up a package?

You just show your I.D. and sign it out.

What if my package is C.O.D.?

We strongly discourage C.O.D. packages because we do not keep cash in the Copy/Mail Room and there may be delays getting your package. If a C.O.D. arrives, you or your Department will be called. You must come down, pay and sign for the package. The Company sending the package sets the terms for payment; sometimes it does not take personal checks. Checks should be made out to the Company only. Delivery services do not make change. It is strongly suggested you arrange with your department before a C.O.D. arrives and notify the Copy/Mail Room, if necessary.

Fax Services

Incoming Faxes

What is the fax number?


What do I do if I want to receive a fax?>

Give the party the fax number and wait for it to come in. There is no need to call the Copy/Mail Room.

Will you call me when it comes in?

No. We only call if you make a special request.

How do I know my fax came in?

You can call the Copy/Mail Room and check. You should also check your mailbox in your Department.

Do you keep the fax mail in the Copy/Mail Room?

If we notice a Fax has come in, we will place it in your department’s mailbox in the Copy/Mail Room. They will pick it up usually by 1:00 and 5:00.

Outgoing Faxes

How do I send out a fax?

The fax instruction book is kept by the fax machine. We also have taped to the wall above the machine basic instructions for sending a simple fax so you don’t have to bother with all the details in the fax instruction book.

Will Copy/Mail Room staff do it for me?

No. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff for this. It is self-service. We do, however, give a training to first time users and will help if you run into problems.

How is it charged to my department?

A fax machine is like phone and charging is the same as making a call.

What if I have to send a long distance fax?

You must use your University long distance access code as you would with a telephone. It is then charged to your long distance account. If it’s an international call, your long distance access code must have international access.

What other services do you offer?

We offer the following services in the Copy/Mail Room. However, your Department may offer similar services and you should check with them first:

  • Dolly/Cart – We have a four-wheel dolly which you can use for heavy items. This is mostly used for packages and we ask that you sign it out and return it within fifteen minutes for others to use.
  • Empty Boxes – We accumulate many empty boxes but we also have many requests for them. For that reason, empty boxes are scarce. When we have extras, we place them in the hallway, outside the Copy/Mail Room, under the sign that reads “Free Boxes”.
  • Folding Machine – Our newest addition is a folding machine. Please see the Copy/Mail Room Coordinator for details.
  • Hand Vacuum – We have a small hand vacuum you can borrow.
  • Long-Reach Stapler – We have a long-reach stapler useful for pamphlet binding.
  • Magic Pads – If you have paper too good to recycle, you can ask us to make “Magic Pads”. We can cut the paper to any size you prefer and glue one end to make writing pads. After we sprinkle a little magic fairy dust, your note taking will be as easy as pad – uh – pie.
  • Miscellaneous – We have a paper cutter, a paper shredder, an electric stapler, electric three hole punch and hand punch for big jobs, an electric pencil sharpener, telephone books, and a heavy duty stapler for up to 250 sheets.
  • Notary Service – Notary service is no longer available in the Copy/Mail Room. The following people may be available or can tell you of others. You should contact them directly:
    – Margaret Cassidy, Housing, 25 Buick St,, 617-353-3506- Joe Lania, Receivables, 881 Commonwealth,, 617-353-2269
  • Paper Recycling – White paper (only) can be recycled. Just put your white paper (only) in the bin between B-15 and the freight elevator in the basement at 44 Cummington St.
  • Postal Scales – We have postal scales to weigh packages up to 50 pounds and indicate the US Postal rate.
  • Shredder – We have a heavy-duty paper and CD shredder.
  • Spiral Binder – We have just added a spiral binder and pre-punched spiral punched paper. However, this is for small jobs and your Dept. must provide the covers and spirals (combs). We can help you find these items.
  • Tabs – We can make tab dividers for annual, financial and other reports.
  • Velobinder – We have a velobinder and velobind paper that is pre-punched. However, this is for small jobs only and your Department must provide the binders.