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Biomedical Engineering Graduate Courses

ENG BE 500: Deep Learning for Biomedical Images and Signals
ENG BE 500: Nucleic Acid Engineering
ENG BE 500: Tissue Injury, Repair, and Foreign Body Response
ENG BE 500: Programming Fundamentals for Biomedical Engineering Data Analysis in Python
ENG BE/ME/MS 504: Polymers and Soft Materials
ENG BE 505/605: Molecular Bioengineering
ENG BE 508: Quantitative Studies of Respiratory and Cardiovascular Systems
ENG BE 511: Biomedical Instrumentation
ENG BE 515: Biomedical Imaging
ENG BE 517: Optical Microscopy of Biological Materials
ENG BE/EC 519: Speech Processing by Humans and Machines
ENG BE/ME 521: Continuum Mechanics for Biomedical Engineers
ENG BE 526: Fundamentals of Biomaterials
ENG BE 527: Principles and Applications of Tissue Engineering
ENG BE 533: Biorheology
ENG BE 549: Structure and Function of the Extracellular Matrix
ENG BE/EC 552: Computational Synthetic Biology for Engineers
ENG BE 555: Introduction to Biomedical Optics
ENG BE/EC 556: Optical Spectroscopic Imaging
ENG BE 560: Biomolecular Architecture
ENG BE 562: Computational Biology – Machine Learning Fundamentals
ENG BE 564: Biophysics of Large Molecules
ENG BE 567: Nonlinear Systems in Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 570: Introduction to Computational Vision
ENG BE 571: Introduction to Neuroengineering
ENG BE 572: Neurotechnology Devices
ENG BE 601: Linear Algebra
ENG BE 602: Ordinary Differential Equations
ENG BE 603: Partial Differential Equations
ENG BE 604: Statistical & Numerical Methods
ENG BE 606: Quantitative Physiology for Engineers
ENG BE 695: Advanced Biomedical Design and Development
ENG BE 700: Methods and Logic in Quantitative Biology
ENG BE 700: Foundations of Biomedical Data Science and Machine Learning
ENG BE 704: Cancer Biology and Oncology for Engineers
ENG BE 700 Methods and Logic in Quantitative Biology
ENG BE 709: From Cells to Tissue – Engineering Structure and Function
ENG BE/NE710: Neuroplasticity and Perceptual Learning
ENG BE 726: Fundamentals of Biomaterials
ENG BE/ME/MS 727: Principles and Applications of Tissue Engineering
ENG BE 747: Advanced Signals and Systems Analysis for Biomedical Engineering
ENG BE 772: Neurotechnology Devices
ENG BE 790: Biomedical Engineering Seminar
ENG BE 791: PhD Laboratory Rotation System
ENG BE 792: Critical Literature Review
ENG BE 801: Teaching Practicum
ENG BE 802: Teaching Practicum II
ENG BE 900: Pre-Prospectus PhD Research
ENG BE 952: MS Mentored Project
ENG BE 954: MS Thesis Research
ENG BE 991: Post-Prospectus PhD Dissertation Research