The College of General Studies has four divisions that represent the academic disciplines essential to a well-rounded liberal arts education: humanities, natural sciences and mathematics, rhetoric, and social sciences.

The humanities division is comprised of faculty with PhDs in English and American Literature, comparative literature, philosophy, and American studies, and the division offers courses that explore literature, arts, and philosophy from Ancient Greece to the present day.

The faculty of the natural sciences and mathematics division have PhDs in physics, biology, anatomy and cellular biology, nutritional biochemistry and physiology, and geology and geophysics. Their courses focus on biology, human and global ecology, and mathematics.

In the rhetoric division, faculty hold PhDs in English and American Literature, communications, classics, and rhetoric and composition, and they offer courses in composition, argumentation skills, and research writing.

The faculty of the Social Sciences division have PhDs in history, sociology, and international relations, and they offer courses in historical sociology, the modernization of the west, 20th century revolutions in Russia and China, and American foreign policy from 1930 to the present.