Studying the humanities sharpens your thinking and broadens your world. It hones your ability to interpret images and texts and lets you see the world from others’ perspectives. The humanities have always been at the heart of a liberal arts education. Literature, art, philosophy, film—they enrich our lives and give us the tools for thoughtful and ethical living.

What do you get from studying the humanities?

  • Critical reading and clear writing
  • Attentiveness—to a metaphor, an argument, or a turn of phrase
  • The ability to analyze arguments, think logically, and interpret symbols
  • Self-knowledge—your history, your ethics, your taste, and your views
  • How to express yourself through the spoken and the written word
  • A better understanding of human nature and a chance to reflect on questions that matter—ethics, aesthetics, and what gives life meaning

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What will humanities courses cover?

  • Literature and art—from the ancient world through the enlightenment, from the industrial revolution to our digital age
  • Great works of film, from silent film to unforgettable Hollywood classics to cutting-edge contemporary cinema
  • The history of ethical philosophy, from Plato to Nietzsche, applied to ethical quandaries we face today

Humanities Requirements

One CGS humanities course is required, and you’ll choose two additional courses to fulfill the CGS requirements. CGS humanities courses fulfill BU Hub requirements in seven different Hub areas.

Required Humanities Course

HU 104 is required and is taken during the London semester

Humanities Course Choices

You’ll select at least two of the HU courses below and work with your academic advisor to determine course selection.

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