Social Sciences

By understanding the past, we can see the present clearly—but social sciences courses are more than history classes. They draw from anthropology, sociology, social psychology, political science, and economics.

What do you get from studying the social sciences?

  • Critical thinking to evaluate sources
  • The ability to make an argument and express it clearly, in multiple formats
  • The ability to place facts, ideas and human social behavior in context to interpret today’s world
  • You’ll learn how social change is made, how technological innovation impacts society, and what globalization means to our world
  • The knowledge to become an engaged global citizen of the twenty-first century

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What will social sciences courses cover?

  • Learn about politics, economics, and social change—from the ancient world through the Enlightenment, from the industrial revolution to the digital revolution
  • Examine the radical movements, ideologies, and revolutions that have shaped the contemporary world
  • Dive into American foreign policy, from before World War II right up to the decisions that reverberate today

Social Science Requirements

One social science course is required. You’ll select at least two additional SS courses to complete your CGS requirements. CGS social science courses fulfill BU Hub general education requirements in nine areas.

Required Course

SS 104 is required and is taken during the summer semester.

Social Sciences Course Choices

To fulfill the requirements of the CGS program, you’ll work with your academic advisor to select at least two of the social science courses below.

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