Natural Sciences

Interdisciplinary CGS courses draw connections between scientific study and the other academic disciplines you’ll be learning. You’ll learn critical thinking and quantitative analysis through studying scientists, their work, and methods.

What do you get from studying natural science and mathematics?

  • Skills in critical and analytical thinking and quantitative analysis
  • The ability to interpret scientific data and ask critical questions
  • The ability to communicate scientific information clearly and effectively
  • Mature judgment and a sense of social and scientific responsibility
  • An understanding of your place in society as an engaged and active citizen

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What will my natural science courses cover?

  • Major paradigms and shifts in scientific theories
  • The connection between the scientific process and ethical and social concerns
  • The impact of the human species on the ecosystems of the biosphere

Natural Science & Mathematics Requirements

Two natural science courses are required, but students majoring in certain science and pre-health-related majors are able to take other courses in place of the CGS courses. CGS natural science courses fulfill five BU Hub areas.

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