Education Program Supervisors

The page below contains links to relevant resources for program supervisors. Please bookmark this page in your web browser. It will be updated and expanded regularly. It is organized in the following categories:

Note: For the BU IT Help Desk, please  Click Here for contact information and hours.

  • CAP Dashboard: DESE site with CAP guidelines and the most up-to-date CAP forms and rubrics.
    • Note: Evidence is required on the Summative Assessment for the Measuring Candidate Impact on Student Learning and the Professional Practice Goal. The respective forms in the Dashboard are needed to support that process.
  • CAP One Pager: Quick overview of the CAP process.
  • CAP Minimum Requirements: Snapshot of the DESE CAP minimum requirements for teacher candidates. Academic programs may exceed the DESE minimum. Please consult with your program’s director about program specific expectations.
  • CAP Annotated Overview: Organizer with links to required and recommended forms as well as brief descriptions of each form and how they fit within the CAP process.
  • CAP Flyover Prezi Video: Brief presentation of the CAP content and process (Note: because DESE released this video during the 2015 CAP pilot, it does not include the seventh essential element, Subject-Matter Knowledge).
  • CAP Handbook: Comprehensive guide to all aspects of the CAP process (see the CAP Annotated Overview above for the distilled version of this handbook).
  • CAP Online Platform: Information about the CAP online platform, including user guides, FAQs, and login.

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    BU Protection of Minors

    Program Supervisors need to comply with the two BU Protection of Minors (POM) requirements if they are in the presence of minors, regardless of in-person or remote formats. Contact Paul Akoury ( with questions.

    • BU POM Online Training (click for instructions): Two, 30-minute online trainings. Please send your Learner Transcript to Paul Akoury (    
    • BU POM CORI:
      • Full-time faculty need to complete the BU POM CORI once every three years. All others need to complete it every year.
      • The Professional Preparation Office facilitates the POM CORI process at the beginning of the semester. Please wait until you are further advised.
    • Note: BU supervisors must also comply with field-site background checks if requested by the site.
    • Resources Page for Students: The BU Protection or Minors and Field-Site Background Checks page is a comprehensive set of resources created for students to ensure their compliance with BU POM policy and state-mandated background checks.

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      Sonia Field Database

      SONIA is the field data management system that BU uses to manage all field placements, document placement hours, oversee compliance with BU Protection of Minors policy, run reports on placement data and trends, and much more. The following resources are common links for program supervisors.     

      Please Note: Sonia is made available to BU supervisors and students at the start of every semester.

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      Professional Development

      • BU Wheelock Events Calendar: List of upcoming virtual events at BU Wheelock. Includes event times, descriptions, and registration.
      • Boston University Events Calendar: List of events virtual across the university. Click on your area of interest on the left-side navigation to see what is being planned for any given month.

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      Further Resources

      • BU Wheelock Field Policies: Applicable to all academic field programs at BU Wheelock.
      • BU Wheelock Field Placement Standards: Organized by site and site supervisor, these standards represent the ideal, aspirational conditions and help support continuous improvement in the delivery of our field education.
      • BU Calendar: Academic calendars for current and upcoming semesters (by the Office of the University Registrar).
      • BU Wheelock Safety Resources for Field Placement: Comprehensive list of non-COVID-related resources shared with students in the field.
      • Education Field Orientation: Quick Access Resource Guide: Consolidated set of key resources that are shared with students at the beginning of each semester.
      • How to Create a Mileage Expense Report: Explains step by step how to submit your mileage reimbursement in the Concur Travel and Expense Reporting system.
        • Mileage reimbursement must be submitted each semester.
        • Mileage reimbursement is approved by your department chair: Eleonora Villegas-Reimers: Teaching and Learning; Kate Frankel: Language and Literacy.
        • See “Important” under step six: i.e., you need to include in the Comment box on the report header page that you do not work from the BU campus.
        • For technical assistance with the Concur Travel system: (a) contact Financial Affairs, (b) select Travel General Inquiry, and (c) submit your question.
        • For all other questions, consult with your program director or department chair.

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