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More people than ever are actively working to right social injustice. BU Wheelock leads the movement to promote equity and social justice. Our academic programs prepare professionals who dismantle systemic barriers and create positive change for all children and families.

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Shows faces of five recipients of BU Wheelock 2022 Alumni Awards

BU Wheelock announces the 2022 Alumni Awards. This year's recipients will be honored during a ceremony on Thursday, September 29. All are invited to join us!

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Leslie Dietiker, associate professor of mathematics education at BU Wheelock, has been awarded the 2022 Metcalf Award for Excellence in Teaching.

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There is a critical shortage of special ed teachers across the United States. How can states get the teachers they need? Elizabeth Bettini explains in this interview.

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BU Wheelock conducts innovative, relevant, and timely research. We work with our partners to use that knowledge to address the challenges they face. And we provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in this work.

Researchers used artificial intelligence to analyze thousands of videos from a database of American Sign Language

Deaf studies scholar Naomi Caselli and a team of researchers found that American Sign Language (ASL) signs that are challenging to perceive are made closer to the signer’s face and common ones, and those with more routine handshapes, are made further away from the face. The findings suggest that ASL has evolved to be easier for people to recognize signs.

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Dr. Olivia Chi presents research findings at the BU Wheelock Forum
Olivia Chi presents at the BU Wheelock Forum

With the COVID-19 pandemic spanning multiple schools years, concerns regarding what some called a “mass exodus” of teachers began to rise. Despite these fears, a recent report by BU Wheelock's Olivia Chi and Andrew Bacher-Hicks, who studied the teacher workforce in Massachusetts, shows that it was actually fairly stable throughout the first year of the pandemic.

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Bullying dropped during pandemic, study shows

In a new study, researchers at Boston University’s Wheelock Educational Policy Center found rates of bullying fell dramatically in the United States when schools shut their doors in spring 2020—dropping between 30 and 40 percent. Surprisingly—given all those Zoom lessons and spikes in screen time—levels of cyberbullying also fell by a similar rate when children were stuck at home.

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How can teachers best support their students' mental health? Recent BU Wheelock studies explored how prepared teachers are to provide this critical support.

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Shows Nneka Ibekwe-Okafor, a postdoc at BU Wheelock

Postdoctoral research associate Nneka Ibekwe-Okafor of the Center on the Ecology of Early Development received a W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant to promote anti-racist practices in early care and education.

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To effectively support English learners, teachers need sustained training where they can analyze and apply strategies specific to multilingual students, says Jennifer Altavilla-Giordano.

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