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More people than ever are actively working to right social injustice. BU Wheelock leads the movement to promote equity and social justice. Our academic programs prepare professionals who dismantle systemic barriers and create positive change for all children and families.

Our graduate programs meet you where you are. Our master’s, doctoral, and professional development programs will prepare you to become the leader in education and human development you want to be.

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Our part-time and full-time programs have many affordable, flexible options geared toward working professionals. Get the  information you need about applications, deadlines, funding, and more.

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BU Wheelock offers four fully online master's degree programs: Curriculum & Teaching, Equity for Education & Social Justice, Higher Ed Administration, and World Language Education. Check them out today.

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More than a dozen research centers, institutes, and labs continuously engage our faculty, staff, and students in rigorous projects that have real-world results. This work is having a positive impact at BU and beyond.

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Where research becomes action

BU Wheelock conducts innovative, relevant, and timely research. We work with our partners to use that knowledge to address the challenges they face. And we provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in this work.

Can teaching Latinx middle-schoolers network science and career development steer more of them toward STEM careers? A joint study between researchers at BU Wheelock’s Center for Future Readiness and Boston-based nonprofit Sociedad Latina are studying this question. The collaborative project team facilitates after-school courses at three Boston middle schools that enable students to explore careers in fields like data analysis and visualization, network science modeling, and computational thinking.

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A worldwide community

Faculty, students, partners, and thousands of alumni, all dedicated to transforming systems that impact learning and human development for a thriving, sustainable, and just world.

2023 BU Wheelock Forum

Join us March 3031 for Supporting Students with Reading Disabilities: Toward Equity and Access. Featured presenter Emily Hanford of American Public Media will lead a special talk and panel discussion on the evening of March 30.

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A new master's program equips  educators and other professionals to challenge biases and dismantle oppression. The master's in Education for Equity & Social Justice can be taken fully online.

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Check out recent stories about Deaf education; critical race theory, antiracism, and the classroom; the 50th anniversary of the Child Life & Family-Centered Care program, and much more.

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