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More people than ever are actively working to right social injustice. BU Wheelock leads the movement to promote equity and social justice. Our academic programs prepare professionals who dismantle systemic barriers and create positive change for all children and families.

We’re #32 in “Best Graduate Schools of Education” Ranking

Our graduate academic programs in education and human development have been recognized as one of the “Best Graduate Schools of Education” by U.S. News and World Report.

With a focus on cross-disciplinary research, experiential learning, and community partnership, our programs empower our students to reshape the systems that build our futures—more firmly centering them in justice, diversity, and belonging—to build a brighter and more just future and community for all.

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Starting in Fall 2021, undergraduate students will be able to enroll in the BS in Education & Human Development, BU Wheelock’s new undergraduate major. This program combines coursework and field-based experiences in education, human development, psychology, and the social sciences.

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During the 2019-2020 academic year, five new physics teachers graduated from BU Wheelock, putting the college among a select few science teacher preparation programs in the United States working to alleviate the dire shortage of physics teachers...

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Hi, my name is Christina and I am part of the Child Life team. Have you heard about our role before?” This is how Child Life and Family-Centered Care student Christina Listernick greets her patients and families at Tufts Children’s Hospital, where she recently completed her clinical Internship ...

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Where research becomes action

BU Wheelock conducts innovative, relevant, and timely research. We work with our partners to use that knowledge to address the challenges they face. And we provide graduate and undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in this work.

A CERES Institute study is exploring the experiences of Black and Latinx high school students and English learners in Boston who have stopped attending school regularly. “There has been little systematic assessment of how young people are navigating life during the pandemic. We want to change that,” says study co-director Yasuko Kanno.

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Melissa Holt, BU Wheelock faculty

BU Wheelock’s Melissa Holt was awarded a National Institute of Justice grant to study bias-based harassment among adolescents, the first national, longitudinal study on the subject.  Jennifer Greif Green, also a BU Wheelock faculty member, is a co-investigator. “We hope schools and districts across the United States will be able to use what we have learned to better address bias-based harassment in their own communities,” said Holt.

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A more just world for all

BU Wheelock’s students, faculty, and alumni develop and sustain long-term partnerships with communities and organizations. Let’s build a community of respect, friendship, collaboration, and action. Join us.

What's It Like to Be a Student Teacher During the Pandemic?

BU Wheelock students Sarina Simon and Emma Lincoln talk about the joys and challenges of teaching during the pandemic: how do you keep the attention of students virtually? How do you get to know them when you’ve never met in person? Both talk about how they’ve been able to forge a connection with their high schoolers despite the hurdles.

“I was really nervous that I wasn’t going to feel like I was walking away from my student teaching feeling like I would be ready to teach,” Lincoln says, “but I really feel much better than I thought I was going to.”

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Dr. Keshia L. Harris, a research scientist at CEED, has co-founded a summer boxing program in Chicago for teen girls, with a focus on girls of color. The FightHER Project builds the mental and physical strength of teen girls as a way to address the increased mental health struggles and racial stress they have experienced since 2020.

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Doctoral student Hannah Puttre was awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship to support her work studying diverse children’s early engagement with STEM.

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Dr. Hannah Morris Mathews, Jennifer Lillis, and Dr. Elizabeth Bettini examined the factors shaping the effectiveness of teachers’ instruction in self-contained special education classrooms.

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