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Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development is home to many outstanding researchers whose work is having a profound impact at Boston University, in Boston, and beyond. Guided by their unparalleled research expertise, our faculty and research staff prioritize research in education and human development that informs the dismantling of systemic barriers and takes bold actions to counteract systemic injustices that restrict opportunity of traditionally marginalized groups or individuals.

Our faculty and research staff conduct innovative studies in subjects that range from teacher workforce to remote learning to cyberbullying to mental health supports and more. They also prioritize continuously developing the capacity for faculty, research staff, and doctoral students to become the next generation of outstanding and influential researchers.

Student Research

Working with BU Wheelock faculty, both graduate and undergraduate students have the opportunity to gain valuable experience as researchers both within BU Wheelock and in the wider Boston University community. Students receive the highest quality of research and doctoral training.

Student Opportunities

Student Research Opportunities: A listing of current and open research opportunities at BU Wheelock that are open to undergraduate and master’s students.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP): This is a BU website for undergraduates interested in becoming involved in research. It lists campus-wide research opportunities as well as funding availability.

Research Funding

Graduate Research & Scholarship Awards: BU Wheelock graduate students can apply for GRASA for funding to support their research and scholarship.